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Culture Cruise to De Young for Friday night party: Catch Fossil Fool street performance and featured band Pleasuremaker

Posted by fossilfool
07/11/2008 – 15:07

photo: dustinj

The De Young museum has a great plaza for street performing. Three years ago when they opened, there were 1/4 mile lines all night long. Daimian, Thao, and I rolled there and had a mobile party that lasted until 3AM, when they asked us really nicely to leave.

This time, we’ll be ‘with the band.’ Yes, this will be a Culture Cruise, in which members of the SF Cruisers take to the streets in search of culture, preferably if it makes us dance. The featured band is Pleasure Maker, which features my drummer and Rock the Bike teammate Joel Elrod. The other members of the band are bike people too, but more importantly, they put on a great party at the Elbo Room every Thursday called “Afroliscious”. This past Thursday, which happened to be the day before the day before July 4th, the place was literally dripping with sweat when I left.

The cruise will start at The Rev at 6:30, then head wiggleward, through the panhandle, and to the De Young in time for Pleasuremaker’s set, then followed by a sunset street performance with Fossil Fool and Joel Elrod on drums.

Free show!