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Cruising Salem, MA in Style

When I picked up my dual tube ice blue Down Low Glow system, my intentions were mostly for safety and a small amount of style. I was in no way prepared for the kind of popularity I’d get because of the bicycle system.

My commute takes me through the center of Salem, MA, the Witch City of the world. This is where all the tourists come to see the place witches were burned and spend a lot of money on useless things. My commute would take me through the main pedestrian walkway where people would be, and it wasn’t until this October, and more specifically yesterday, that I figured out that my bike is something amazing here.

There’s plenty of bicycle-social groups here, but none of them go out cruising for the sake of showing how much fun socially riding can be. For one example, there’s a bicycle pedicab service that runs through downtown. When they saw my blue bicycle coming up, they were awestruck with its concept, and wanted to get their own to customize their tricycle rides even further than the pinstriping and other detailing work that they had done.

Riding through a walkway yesterday, some tourists stopped me to take photos. They loved the idea of it, and it was amazing seeing the smiles on children’s blue-lit faces as they walk by.

Salem, MA. is filled with culture and social diversity, but I think the one thing it has been lacking is a bicycle culture. Maybe its because of the winter weather that keeps people from trying to ride their bicycles dependently, I don’t really know. All I can say is that this tradition from the West Coast has started to make an impact here on the East Coast, and there’s plenty of people who want to be part of it!

Way to go Rock The Bike!