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Cruiser Ride Organizers….So you want to entertain like Fossil Fool

…but you don’t have his skills behind the mic, or a custom made soul cycle is not in your budget. Don’t fret, you can still get the bike party going Southbay Cruiser style.

1)Get yourself a soul cycle head unit (or build your own stereo) I like the soul cycle head unit because it’s small, it’s light, it’s stealth if you ride through areas with the police aren’t too excited about bike stereos and it’s affordable(get other cruisers in your group to chip in to share one for your rides if you need to.) Down low glow on an xtracycle is a nice added touch but you can attach a soul cycle head unit to a regular bike if you an xtracycle is out of your budget.

2)Get yourself a roland microcube battery operated amp, mic and cord (This is a light weight PA set up. Not the best sounding in the world, but good enough for around a campfire or vacant street at nigh. throw in some rechargeable double AA batteries)

3)Print out the lyrics to your favorite songs to sing along to. Put the songs in a binder. Load the songs on your ipod.

Now when you find the right time/place on your ride. Bust out your gear and start singing along with the music pumpin’ out of your soul cycle head unit. This is karaoke for the streets. And even if you aren’t a great siinger, it only takes one person to get everyone into the right mood to want to jump up and sing their favorite 80’s tune or whatever. Dancing follows.

(If I uploaded them correctly)here’s a few karaoke/dance pics from the most recent ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’ Southbay Cruiser ride on 6/20/08.