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Cruise to Union Square Musical with Fossil Fool

Posted by fossilfool
06/07/2008 – 12:00

Rock the Bike is going to be providing pedal powered sound for the Union Square Musical, a public dance event. Say you happened to be walking through Union Square at 3:45 PM on June 7th. Well you’d be in for a treat, as dozens of dancers in street clothing, pretending to be average tourists and street sweepers, bust into a full-on choreographed rendition of Bjork’s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet.’ I’m collaborating with the crew of the ‘Union Square Musical’, which includes producer Karen Offereins and choreographer Margery Fairchild to pedal power the music for their performance.

We’ll be rolling to another charity music event in Bayview first for a little street performing and live music, then over to downtown by 3:00 to set up for the Union Square Musical. Come along for all or part. RSVP to Paul @ this esteemed web site.

Start point, 935 York @ 21st.