Rock The Bike

Complete Spin Art and Fender Blender Universale Kit

The blender and spin art together at last.

All of our Bike Blenders and Spin Art Machines are handmade in our own workshop. Designed and assembled with love for you to crank out smoothies and spin out art simultaneously at your event or camp. The Fender Blender Universale is also our most affordable Fender Blender, and is an attachment for a bike.

Our Spin Art Drum features a new recycled plastic drum, which makes carrying lighter and clean up easier! A new bike brake is in place, so that you can stop finished products quickly and without a mess. Lastly, the drum features a new elastic band so paper stays down while spinning and can easily be removed, even when wet with paint.


  • 20″ Bicycle sized for approximately 7-12 year olds (6spd, aluminum frame) and 20″ Trainer +$435
  • 24″ Bicycle sized for approx. 11-14 year olds (14spd, aluminum frame) and 24″ Trainer +$475
  • If you have a 26″ – 29″ / 700c bike, also add a Trainer to your cart.
Price: $999.00
With 20″ Bike & Trainer: $1,434
With 24″ Bike & Trainer: $1,474