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Clif Bar Rocks the Bike with Soul Cycle Mothership on 2-Mile Challenge tour

Clif Bar Rocks the Bike

When Clif Bar wanted to pump up the volume on their “2-Mile Challenge” bike advocacy tour, they turned to Rock the Bike for a human-powered Soul Cycle Mothership party bike. The party bike helps spread smiles at events and increase the numbers of visitors to Clif Bar’s 2-Mile Challenge bus.

The bio-diesel burning, retro-looking tour bus is a rolling exhibition of bicycle transportation options and inspiring bike culture stories.

Ryan Mayo, Clif Bar’s Mobile Marketing Manager, had this to say:

“We feel strongly that there is great need for people to start thinking creatively about using the bike as a means of transportation to fight the effects of climate change. With our Soul Cycle Mothership, we’re dropping climate neutral beats and inspiring others as we ride!”

Clif Bar has found that the element of music helps increase the numbers of visitors on their 2-Mile Challenge bus. The Soul Cycle Mothership makes a personal connection with event goers as they stream by. Inspired participants can pedal-power a couple songs, and even sing karaoke-style through the Mothership’s PA system. And 2-Mile Challenge Tour staff can make announcements over the music, pulling people in when the crowds get heavy. When crowds are light, they pop the bike off the beefy dual-sided kickstand, switch to battery mode, and get mobile.

human powered party bike

Mayo adds, “Last week at an event, I was cruising around the venue with the Soul Cycle Mothership, when Bob Marley’s “Get up, Stand Up” came on the player. I cranked the volume dial up and turned heads throughout the whole place. People threw their fists in the air and sang along as I rode by – Don’t give up the fight! The sound infectiously spread smiles throughout as we shared our organic Clif Bars with the people.”