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Carry heavy and large boxes with ease

If you find yourself driving short distances to deliver your most recent EBAY sales to the post office, you’ll love the flexibility provided by the Mundo. Its heavy duty rear rack carries plenty of weight, and the large surfaces make it easy to tie loads down. Large boxes can either rest on the top rack, or on the lower load-carrying racks. With a cam strap, you’ll be able to cinch these loads to the frame.

Many people wonder whether carrying heavy loads on a bike is tiring. The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. It depends on the terrain, distance, and on the complexity of strapping loads down. Another important factor is the ability to immobilize your load. If your loads wiggle and shift while you ride, those movements can make your journey more tiring. As you gain experience with a product like the Mundo or the Xtracycle, you’ll be able to reduce your loading times and better immobilize your loads.