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Callin out for Pedal Powered Stage crew: Aug. 6th at Nightlife

Posted by sustainablejeff
08/06/2009 – 16:30 – 23:00

*August 6th*, 4:30-11PM. California Academy of Sciences *Nightlife Series*

Nightlife is a Thursday night thing where they turn a natural sciences
museum into a brainy club environment. The scientists and leafy green sea
dragons are still there, but now there’s dance music and expensive alcohol.


So each thursday they have a theme and this time Rock The Bike is the theme.
We’ll be pedal powering a 4-hour DJ set by Jeff Stallings of the show Below
Zero on Energy 92.7. Below Zero is a pretty good show. Here’s his music: , click music and listen to any of the
“chillhouse” mixes in the player on the upper right.


We’ll also be coming up with our own cocktail to make on the Fender Blender,
next to one of the expensive bars. This is our first professional bar
tending gig!


And at the beginning of the event while a huge line is forming outside, I’ll
be street performing at the entrance line with Mafi and Jared. We may also
have entertainers perform in Africa Hall (where my penguins at?).

We need a crew of 3-4 people to ride to the gig. Please meet at 935 York St.
at 4PM. So far we have Jared and Adam Pastana, and possibly Adam Aufdencamp.
One more roadie would help.

The Event ends at 10. We tear down and go on a late night gear return
mission while bumping a new mix  <>from
DJ Bento. Back at my place by 11ish.


In addition to roadies, we can use the following: pedal power tech, blending
specialists, pedal power coaches, video/photo wing, promo wing, etc. I think
we can have up to 10 people on our crew list that night.


This is a low-paying event. Roadies will make $75. The rest of the crew will
be unpaid, but the museum will provide all of us a crew dinner at 6:30 and
also drinks.