Rock The Bike

Byerley Bicycle Blenders

2005, Nate Byerley, a fellow inventor sharing a workshop with Paul, gets the juice for inventing human powered blenders… Nate was taking apart weedwackers (flexible drive shaft), skateboards (cheap bearings and rub wheels), and of course bicycles, to create his own human powered blender. Having grown up in Tucson, he had a sense for how sweating and riding in the breeze could help cool you on a hot day. He wanted to combine physical activity with a cooling drink — smoothies! Once he had a stable design, he took his show on the road and purchased all the supplies needed to do a food booth at summer time festivals: coolers, tent, cups, an of course a sign: the Juice Pedaler. Nate’s work paved the way for Rock The Bike’s interest in food and human power. In 2008, after the birth of his first kid, Nate sold his biz to Paul.