Rock The Bike

Build Your Own Soul Cycle

Buy your Soul Cycle in kit form to make a party bike on a budget!

We offer plans and guidance to people who want to build up a Soul Cycle on their own. Building your own Soul Cycle is a fun and approachable challenge. The skills you’ll need are basic woodworking and electronics assembly skills. No soldering is required! We’ve taken all the hard parts and done it for you. Our unique Soul Cycles are customizeable with your artwork and lighting. Pair it with the Down Low Glow for a sizzlin’ ride.

Here’s what comes in the basic DIY pack for the Soul Cycle Classic:

  1. Wiring harness: This is like the circulatory system for your Soul Cycle, connecting the switches and audio source on the front of your bike to the battery, amp, and speakerbox on the rear. Saves you the hard work of wiring up your Soul Cycle.
  2. Parts list, with recommendations for purchasing supplies online. Your parts budget for a Soul Cycle Classic will be around $550. This parts list should save you about $200-400 over what you’d pay if you didn’t have our recommendations.
  3. Woodworking blue print. This includes the cut list and build procedure for a Soul Cycle Classic. There are multiple angles for the blueprints and it’s easy to read. You just need access to woodworking tools and 2-3 weekends of shop time, and you’ll be able to turn out a great looking Soul Cycle Classic!
  4. A copy of Fossil Fool’s e-book, “Soul Cycle Mobile Audio: A Guide to Cruising with Music” The cost of the kit is $375. For an additional 175, I can complete the entire control panel, leaving you to buy supplies and build only the music cabinet.