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Working with on new site design

May 29, 2006Posted by

The talented Memphis Graphic Designer Christopher Reyes of has begun working on the new face of Rock The

Ice Cream Bike Pro — Pedal Powered Ice Cream Maker

Aug 16, 2000Posted by

Take the cranking out of your arms and into your legs for a more ergonomic method that taps into larger muscle groups,  yielding amazing results at your events. Crank out up to 1.5 gallons in only 20 minutes of casual pedaling! Our new Ice Cream Bike Pro combines the wide size range and style of our steel Fender Blender Pro base frame — proven sturdy for human power use since 2006 — with a modified hand crank ice cream maker from Country Freezer — they’ve been stirring up frozen goodies since 1995.

ice cream bike

Casual pedaling effort — you can wear street clothes, even a dress and flip flops.