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BionX, Solar Recharge

Apr 25, 2008Posted by

First a simple intro: I want to talk with people with more experience using the bionX system to expand their range and success in commuting.

Details to come as soon as I figure out how to click “submit” and get it to work
Frances, Omaha

Happy Earth Day!

Apr 22, 2008Posted by

Just in time for the busy Earth Day and bike-to-work advocacy season, we set up our Fender Blender to be easily towed to events behind another bike. Now clients won’t have to throw it in an SUV if they’d rather bike it to their event.

Wednesday Night Lights (The “Last Wednesday of the Month” Rochester Bike Cruise)

Apr 21, 2008Posted by

Posted by Adam Durand
04/30/2008 – 20:00

On April 30th, meet us at Dogtown Hots a little after 7PM for veggie/vegan or meat hot dogs and pie.

Or, if you want to skip the grub, catch up with us at 8PM outside of Dog Town – that’s at 691 Monroe Ave.

From there we head out on our bikes, into the fine city of Rochester. Our only agenda is to have fun! And, of course, sport your Down Low Glow if you’ve got one.

All are welcome. See you out there! (In case of serious rain, cruise will be rescheduled to the following week)


The Roller Derby Ride w/ the South Bay Cruisers

Apr 18, 2008Posted by

Posted by Wild Johnny
05/17/2008 – 16:15

The Roller Derby Ride w/The Southbay Cruisers!!!
Music, Bikes, and Roller Derby Girls-what more could you ask for?

WHO WE ARE: The Southbay Crusiers are a bicycle stereo amplified social ride based in Hermosa Beach. We bike, skate, and blade the southbay cities once a month. (Learn about us at

THE EVENT: Two of the best kept secrets in the southbay: The Southbay Cruisers and The Angel’s City Derby Girls team up for this epic night of hard hitting action on rollerskates!Several of our southbay cruises are professional roller derby girls and they have invited us to attend one of their events on May 17th, 2008-a match which features the Block Steady Crew vs the Shore Shots!

We will meet at in front of our usual meeting point in front of the Lighthouse Cafe on Hermosa Pier at 6:00PM then ride at 6:30PM sharp. We’ve mapped out a bike friendly route that will take us to our first stop at:

The Toyota Center
555 Nash Street
El Segundo,CA

where we will watch the roller derby match which starts promptly at 8:00PM. After the match we will ride to Stick N’ Stein in El Segundo where we are invited to a post match party. All ages are welcome to attend. If you are under 16 please come to the ride with a parent or guardian.

We will have at least one bike stereo pumping music along the way. After the party at Stick N Steins we will ride back to Hermosa Beach where we started from.

DRESS??-TATTOOS/Rocker attire – A small group of us went last week to see what actually happens at a roller derby game-very ecelectic crowd-families as well as rocker/tattoo decorated people. We plan on having a preride temporary tattoo party at hermosa pier before the start of the ride. COSTUMES ARE NEVER REQUIRED TO ATTEND OUR RIDES but they do make it alot more fun.

TICKETS: Are $15 at the door the day of the game. BUT as a southbay cruiser attending our ride you can buy them in advance for $11. For Southbay Cruisers discount tickets go to: type in ‘Cruisers’ in the discount code.

Details on Please email with any questions.


Midnight Ridazz of Los Angeles Mourn Glo Rider

Apr 16, 2008Posted by

Mark Nealy, commonly known as glo rider passed away in March of this year. Known as the guy in his recumbent bike who shot many pics and videos of the midnight ridazz, and experimenter with neon lights. The Midnight Ridazz held a ride in his honor last week. Here is a link to pics from the ride…

Bicycles take to the Freeways in Los Angeles…

Apr 11, 2008Posted by

a daring new group is now planning for rides on LA’s 405 freeway….

A baby-jogger based sound system with beautiful form.

Apr 8, 2008Posted by

Most trailer based and baby jogger-based sound system look like this:

It’s really refreshing to see one that creates a new form, the audacity to use a front-firing 15″ subwoofer! Yet it still doesn’t look like a big bubble, thanks to the clever sheet metal work.


Bike Culture Blowin’ Up, Car Culture Goin’ Down in Los Angeles…

Apr 6, 2008Posted by

April 22nd, 2008 has officially been declared Car Free Day in Los Angeles. The birthplace of the Freeway is making way for the bicycle – 15,000 are expected to participate in this celebration.

See attached link for more info……

Weird coincidence

Apr 4, 2008Posted by

This afternoon in the workshop I got a call from Joel, the drummer from Afrolicious and Pleasure Maker (Thursdays at the Elbo Room). I met Joel when we were on the 2-Mile Challenge tour together. He said,

“Sorry I couldn’t make it to your gig last week, I was working.”

“Doing what?”


“Moving? Like for cash?


“How much they paying you?”

“18 an hour.”

“Dang, I’d offer you work at Rock the Bike, because we need help with assembly and packing and shipping right now, but we normally pay only $12.”

“That’s OK man, I’d totally work for you, because I believe in what you’re doing.”

“Really? Thanks Joel.”

“No problem. And you should come by the Elbo tonight.”

“Thanks, I’ll try to make it around 11. Can you put me on the guest list?”

Then I got home, had dinner and got a text from Julia about an event at Cellspace.

“OK I’ll swing by, but I’m going to Elbo later.”

The exhibit at Cell Space was an incredible cardboard city about 20 feet by ten feet, with a miniature helicopter floating around. There was a miniature remote control helicopter flying through the skyscrapers of the cardboard city. It’s up until April 17. Gotta go see it!

Anyway, after checking out the city, I suggested a cruise so we left. It was me, Julia, and Tyson, whose chain sounded like a chorus of crickets. We had a great ride up to Billy Goat hill, and watched the city. It was late so I had to coax them to come with me to the Elbo Room. But it was a downhill cruise awaiting us so it wasn’t that hard. Three abreast on Cesar Chavez was really nice. Julia was saying we felt like a bike gang. The Plush Red Down Glow on my my mom’s Electra was sweet. Sometimes it’s good to ride a totally simple bike. I can see the appeal of fixed gear bikes. I just love me knees. Anyway, we roll up to the Elbo Room. The woman at the door let all three of us in. Sure enough, Joel was in his element playing along on traps with Afrolicious. During a set break I got to introduce him to my friends and catch up a little. We danced until 1 or so and then cruised. I sprayed Boeshield on Tyson’s chain and said goodbye.

I headed upstairs and parked in front of the computer like I normally do when I should be sleeping. I checked the What’s Hot page on Rock the Bike. I noticed a comment on my post about JoyRider clothing, entitled bicycle fashion:

“Bravo! A clothing line that is not centered around spandex! At Velo Vogue, we also applaud cycling in normal fashionable clothing. Clothing lines such as Joyrider will help de-marginalize cycling for transportation! Looking good!”

So I clicked the link and sure enough it’s a hip little blog about San Francisco bicycle fashion, with lots of fun photos. And there at the bottom of the page, ladies and gentlemen, was Joel Elrod, riding with a companion in Golden Gate park, wearing a black hat and a cool T-shirt: