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Bike to local music at Dolores Park with Mucca Pazzi, Fossil Fool, Jazz Mafia (was Bicycle Film Festival street party)

Posted by fossilfool
07/26/2008 – 15:00

Mucca Pazzi performing at Tour de Fat. Photo: Dustin Jensen.

Tomorrow night happens to be Dolores Park movie night, starting at 8PM with live music from Mucca Pazza . This means there will be plenty of people around coming into Dolores for the movie, trying to secure a good blanket spot for the movie, and they’ll be up for live music. The movie is the Breakfast Club, and I think the kind of people who’d come out for that would probably really like what we’re doing.

Joel and Laura
Joel and Laura hanging out in Dolores Park at the Bicycle Music Festival. Photo: Adam Aufdencamp


The musicians are down to play, and the location is now Dolores Park! Come to the uphill, Mission-side region. We’ll be setting up around 5PM and playing til 8PM.

So here’s how it’s shaping up…

5 PM we roll in, start setting up, enjoying the sunshine, play a new DJ mix from DJ Sergio.


6:30PM Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper. I’ll start by doing some written raps with Joel, Zori, and Mafi backing me up on drums, conga, and maracca. Depending on the power situation

7PM Then we’ll open it up to the freestylists. DJ Seneca will arrive with his MPC and add sampled beats to the percussion chorus. Dublin, Seneca, and Enzyme Dynamite pass the mike.

8PM Mucca Pazza

8:30 PM Movie starts: the Breakfast Club
At this point, we can either stay and watch the movie (I am bringing 1-2 blankets) or go street perform in front of the Bicycle Film Festival. I’m going to try it tonight, so I’ll be able to judge whether it will be cool on Saturday.

Also don’t miss the debut of our piece “The Choprical Fish and the UMDJ,” in the Friday Night 9:00PM screening of ‘Fun Bike Shorts.’

Here’s the official event page for BFF: