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Bike Culture DVDs & Music

Share the best of Bike Culture video and music with your friends and family and give them a taste of the creativity and spunk of the bike community. Rock The Bike’s unique entertainment offerings include original music by bands in the Bay Area, performing at the Bicycle Music Festival. You’ll see videos of other rides and events and video documentation of custom projects and product development in the Rock The Bike workshop. Together these videos and songs tell the unique story of our growing movement.

So, what is Bike Culture? It’s a way to express our passion for community, music,
outta-the-garage innovations, art bikes, and of course the bicycle. And
it’s the subject of our new DVD, Bike Culture Blowin’ Up!, Vol. I.

culture is quintessentially local and street level, a modern day folk
culture. Everyday people like us are nurturing it; writing the songs,
planning rides and events, and fabbing up the art bikes, Soul Cycles,
and tall bikes that ‘amaze small children’ in our community.

also a perfect example of how the internet is helping people of niche
interests connect. Some of these DVD’s will go as far as Kazakstan and
Japan. Internet tools like YouTube (subscribe at ) and Flickr (befriend us at ) are helping us reach distant
collaborators and fans.

The short segments on Bike Culture Blowin’ Up are
all available individually online, but the DVD has much better video
and sound quality. Some of the segments are product-oriented (we cover
the Down Low Glow’s Side Visibility, the Fender Blender product line,
and the Mundo Cargo Bike), but most are done for the art and to spread
the spirit of the bike.

You’ll notice several highlights from
the 2008 Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco, sponsored and
co-organized by Rock the Bike. Last year we had folks training in from
as far as Seattle to join us for this inspiring all-day event. The 3rd
annual 2009 BMF will happen in San Francisco on June 20. Be There! And
if you’re inspired to get something started in your community, the
Rides & Events tool on the Rock the Bike web site is a cool way to
get the word out.

We hope you enjoy and share this disc with
bike people, event organizers, and friends. More info on this DVD and
its segments can be found at www. , and
you can leave suggestions for future videos, events, or collaborations