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Fender Blender Pro available for rental

The Fender Blender Pro is available for rent anywhere in the United States. Please contact us to pencil your date into our rental schedule.

Each bike rental comes with the High Performance base and one pitcher. Additional pitchers are available at an additional cost. We provide training and tips on recipes.

For Bay Area Rentals: The Fender Blender Pro has removable wheels so that you can tow it to your event with another bicycle, and wheel it around your event. If you’d prefer to pick up the Fender Blender with a vehicle, any station wagon or small SUV will be able to handle it. It can be disassembled to lay flat, then reassembled at your event location by tightening a few bolts.

For Rentals Beyond the Bay: We offer two shipping options, depending on your budget and timeline. We can package your bike in a box and ship it via FEDEX or pallet an already assembled bike and ship it via truck. The FEDEX method requires assembly (roughly 20-30 minutes per bike), but is cheaper and does less harm to the environment.

Go here to get more information about our rental pricing and your options.