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B:C:Clettes touring from Vancouver to parts south (on bikes). Stopping for a performance in Dolores Park with SHAKE YOUR PEACE!

Posted by fossilfool
08/27/2007 – 17:30

The schedule so far is:
Monday at 5:30 PM ~ meet at Dolores Park next to the playground

6 -ish ~ “Antsy Pants”
6:40 ~ B:C:Clettes
7:10 ~ (((Ghost Family)))
7:47 ~ Sunset

Here’s a cool description of the B:C:Clettes

We are an all lady, bike inspired, street-performance collective. Our performances are a celebration of bikes and those who like to ride them.

The B:C:Clettes are a Biker Collective, Creating Love, Equality, and Toughness Through Engaging Spectacle!

We will not be defined by words alone; instead you will find us perpetually in motion, taking back the streets for revolutionary use as bicycle ways and dance floors. We’re revolutionary, yes, like our wheels.

Hot, tough, and shiny — like the sexy steeds we tame and ride. Pedal, pump, coast and fly: we ride in all weather. Swing, shimmy, strut, and jive: we dance in all weather. We weather all storms as a collective, together.

We are artists, mechanics, scientists, students, designers, teachers, and writers, and baristas; jokers, inventors, leaders, neighbours, family, friends, and lovers, and sistas. This is a lifestyle of agility, sustainability, of respecting all ability.

Our bodies don’t end where our bikes begin. We’re beauty, we’re pride; we dance hard, roll fast, and tread lightly, loving life. We take risks; we’re a little different. We are a spectacle, a show, a delight. We are that giddy feeling you get riding pedal-powered for the first time: Exhilarated with newfound fun, you can’t wait to share your amazing secret with the world. We want to ride and dance and share our secret with you.

And one last thing: we won’t technically be able to be part of your dance-dance-party revolution, if there’s no bike parking available. So get on it!