Rock The Bike

Basic info to share about your event when requesting our help with Pedal Power.

Factors like crowd size, nature of the music you want to present, and whether you envision lots of kids participating all affect the cost of bringing the Pedal Powered Stage to your event. Please take a moment to respond to the questions below. You can copy and paste into an email to us. Once we receive your survey we’ll contact you within 1 day.

    1. Date, time, and duration. If this is a nighttime performance, do you need us to provide stage lighting?
    2. Location
      Specifics about the venue:

      • Indoor or Outdoor?
      • If outdoor, is there a rain plan?
      • Got a photo you can share? Photos of past events in this space are extremely helpful.
      • Seating plan?
      • Does this location have easy access to water and bathroom facilities?
      • Do you have an overall security plan that would cover us?
      • If this is a public space, have you secured the necessary permits for your event such as venue, sound, etc.?
    3. Audience size
      • What is the largest number of people listening at one time?
    4. Staging. Do you have an elevated stage? (Rock The Bike doesn’t provide one but we can help you pick the size.)
    5. Audio. Do you already have any of the following technical requirements covered?
      • PA system (we generally prefer to provide a complete PA system because we know exactly how much power it will use for a given crowd size)
      • Sound technician
      • Backline drums and amplifiers (if applicable)
    6. Power. Do you anticipate needing pedal power for devices beyond our audio equipment? Examples: cell phones, projector, lighting, recording gear.
    7. Performers & Emcee. Who are the featured acts at your event? Do you want to work with performers in the Rock The Bike community? Do you have a stage manager, or would you like us to serve as stage management for this event? Would you like Rock The Bike to speak at your event? A quality emcee helps create a cohesive vibe and ensures smooth transitions, and we have several crew members who can play this role at no additional charge. Let us know ahead of time so our team is prepared to support you in this capacity. Your audience will likely be curious about some of the following topics that spur from pedaling at your event. Let us present them with compelling facts and humor:
      • Presenting How It Works: The science and design of Pedal Power systems
      • Planting Seeds for Audience Transformation: Why ride bikes? And other personal choices that can have a collective impact. Where does Pedal Power fit into the bigger environmental picture?
    8. What is the purpose of this event? (Why are you bringing people together? What is your end goal? etc.)
    9. Do you want to have a ‘kids section’ where children can pedal? If so, we will recommend bringing more kid-friendly bikes and dedicated crew members to ensure safety and adequate power. Are you interested in kid-specific activities such as Pedal Powered Spin Art?
    10. Bike Smoothies. The questions above are focused on your sound needs. Depending on the nature of your event, it may be appropriate for us to set up a bike smoothie booth. We generally charge for smoothies, but we give them away to pedalers who are powering the music. There is nothing like being thanked for your good, clean Pedal Power with a thick, tangy, sweet bike-blended smoothie!    
    11. Do you have a budget for our services?

      Fees range from approximately $800 to 6000 per day depending on audience size. We do a certain number of discounted and pro-bono appearances each year and make decisions on which of these to take based on the event needs and beneficiaries. If you think your event falls in this category, please take extra care to address the following:

      • Is your event a fundraiser? If so, who are the beneficiaries?
      • Is your organization a 501c3 nonprofit?
      • Does your event have a corporate sponsor or sponsors? If so, who?
      • Does your event have a major funder? If so, who?
      • What is the overall budget of your event?