Rock The Bike

Band of Mystics

Bay Area’s Soulful Nu-Jazz-Reggae/World-Hip Hop! Zahira & The Band of Mystics will melt your heart and make you groove! These musicians have come together in a creative way to reflect positivity within all beings on the planet. All the music they create has a backbone of truth and realness that is driven by a sweet and sexy sound. This band creates their music to celebrate the gift of life and to consciously unify spirits of all people globally.

Band of Mystics is a key group of Rock The Bike crew with Jared on Bass and Travis on drums, both known for backing multiple Rock The Bike artists in an event day. They come with the skills and bad ass sound of seasoned musicians that are ready to enlighten you with their mystic practices.

Kevin Njikam ~ Guitar, Keyboard // Travis Porter de Leon ~ Drums, Percussion // Jared May ~ Bass // Featured vocalists and guests: Nikila Badua “Mama Wisdom”, Aaron EzRa Ableman, Carmen Gutierrez “Mama Crow”, Yaquelin Deyabu, Singing Bear, Taj Angelo, Robin Tala, Reason, AshEl “Seasunz” Eldridge, Paul Eastburn, Ryan Lukas, WiseProof, Zakiya and Ambessa of FiyaWata

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