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Back ordering Dual Tube DLG systems until we can troubleshoot brightness issue

We noticed that the majority of recent customer service issues with the Down Low Glow involved our Dual Tube systems. The most common issue is:

“One tube is bright and the other is dim, even with a full battery.” or
“They take a long time to warm up”

We have backordered this item until we can troubleshoot the problem.

We suggest substituting a single-tube system, which offers excellent Side Visibility, street glow, and battery life. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to turn a Single into a Dual later, but you can add a second Single tube system, which gives you the option of lending one out to a friend or using them both on one bike.

Here’s a post that further explains the benefits of the Single Tube System:

Some of our dealers are still offering dual-tube systems. We encourage you to make sure these dealers still have stock in their dual tube systems, as we will not be able to fill drop-ship orders during the backorder period.