Unique Gift Ideas

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Unique Gift Ideas

This is our guide to great gifts for your favorite cyclist!

We’ve updated our selection of unique gifts with some great products that are sure to please your favorite cyclo-phile! Check out the links below to our selection of Rock-the Bike approved products. We select these products with thousands of miles of riding under our belts, so you can give them as gifts with confidence. Our recommendations are from the heart.

Here are some ideas to start with:

» Got a high-class cyclist in the family? A Brook’s leather saddle is sure to impress, hand made in England.

» Know someone who rides with headphones? An In-the-pocket SoulCycle Head unit will give them the ability to stay groovy, without compromising safety. It’s a plug-and-play handlebar audio amp that produces professional sound quality with easy set-up!

» Handmade Second Wind Chimes are a beautiful way to “shout from the rooftops” an authentic appreciation for gear ratios.

» Choppers, beach cruisers and low riders can add some flair with “Fire” or “Ice” colored Sweetskinz tires, which have relective designs for added safety.

» An Incredibell is a great gift for any rider!

» Anyone who commutes to work will appreciate a Multi-Tool.

» Night riders love to know you care: get them a Blinkie to prove it!

» Anyone who carries heavy loads on their bike will enjoy using our reflective cam-straps instead of bungee cords.

Still not sure what to get? Browse the “Available Products” section below for more ideas, or give us a call at the workshop and we can talk you through it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we may be able to specially order it. All of these products can be shipped directly to the recipient.

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Shimano’s M324

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Shimano’s M324-Platform and clipless pedal all in one

Since switching to Shimano’s half-platform / half-clipless pedal, the M324, I’m now wearing street shoes about 98% of the time when I ride.

These were the things I loved about clipless pedals before using the M324:

  • I enjoyed the feeling, at the end of a hard day at work, of putting on my special ‘go fast’ shoes, and heading home with a purpose.
  • On long days in the saddle, clipless is more efficient because you can contribute energy on the full pedal stroke, not just the down part. You’re getting your hamstrings more involved.
  • The actual feeling of clicking in, the sound and sensation, is pretty cool.

But I always had these frustrations:

  • You are going out to the cafe. You don’t want to wear your special ‘go fast’ click-in shoes. So you put on street shoes, but the clipless pedals dig in and make them uncomfortable.
  • Ditto, but when there’s water involved your feet slip off the metal surfaces, or the pedals roll under your feet at unpredictiable moments, and they become a safety hazard.

If you’re in the situation where you don’t want to give up clipless because you love the performance, but you’re constantly wearing street shoes and riding in discomfort, you’ll love Shimano’s platform / clipless solution.

Contrary to many people’s first impression of this pedal, it is not hard to use. The pedal hangs the same way each time due to the relative weights of the flat and clipless sides. This means that when you’re wearing street shoes you can always step on the correct side of the pedal if you step down and backwards. When wearing SPD (Click-in) shoes, you can always step on the click-in side by stepping forward and down.

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Magnesium Pedals

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Fender Blender Bike Blenders

We’ve been using these pedals on our custom Soul Cycles for the past few years. They’re wide, grippy, stylish, and give a rockin’ look to both cruisers and commuter bikes. These pedals are compatible with all non-BMX bicycle cranks. It’s a nice upgrade or gift item if you prefer riding in normal shoes without straps and clips. Moving away from click-in and toe-clip pedals doesn’t have to mean a downgrade in performance. For shorter trips, a platform pedal can be just as fast. The grippy surfaces and pins mean your foot will never slip. And the target is so large, you don’t have to position your foot in just the right place. Just get on and stomp.

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The Righteous Kickstand

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The Righteous Kickstand
Kickstands are Cool Again!

A quality kickstand won’t slow you down, won’t let you down, and won’t let you fall down. But it will make your entrance a lot cooler when you roll up to a cafe at night with your Down Low Glow laying down a cloud of purple neon beneath you. And when you step off your rig and flick the kickstand down, you can leave your lights on for a few minutes while you say hi to your friends, buy yourself a beverage, and take a seat. The ‘Righteous’ kickstand makes it all possible. Righteous!

Kickstands are cool again. The ‘Righteous’ kickstand is the coolest way to keep your bike upright when you’re stopped at the cafe. Stop looking for walls to lean against! With your Self-Righteous kickstand, you’ll always have a suave arrival.

Technically speaking, this kickstand is a real champ. It clamps on the rear of your frame, which actually makes it faster and more stable than the standard mounting point (behind the bottom bracket.) Plus, it doesn’t block the rear tube of a Down Low Glow Dual Tube System. It’s made of aluminum, and features a 4-bolt mount (rather than the usual single-bolt mount that is prone to loosening). It’s aluminum engineering is beefy enough to make it the kickstand of choice up at Xtracycle (where they carry heavy loads frequently). It’s got only one moving part. You’ll have it forever.

Why did kickstands go out of fashioned back in the nineties? It has to do with the anorexic mountain bike industry doing anything it could to sell lighter bikes. Anything that made bikes heavier was now taboo, even if it made biking much cooler in everyday life.

But get this — most of the people buying those lightweight mountain bikes were riding them around the city (or college campus), places where you really need a kickstand.

Now, if your wondering, will this kickstand make me slower? The answer is no. Yes, it adds a little under a pound to your bike. But this weight is low down on the frame. Where you really want to be concerned about adding weight is in your wheels. If you want to go faster, get strong, lightweight wheels with high-quality slick tires, and pump them up to 80 pounds of pressure. Compared to the minor slowing impact of mounting an accessory like the Righteous Kickstand, focusing on your wheels will make a major difference you can actually feel.

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Soul Cycles

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Soul Cycles

Soul Cycle Mobile Audio Systems

Add the element of music to your next social ride with one of our amazing Soul Cycle mobile audio systems. There’s nothing like walking down your front steps to a glowing, inviting Soul Cycle, setting your iPod on the handlebar-mounted control deck, flipping a couple switches for lights and music, and riding off to the bumping bass of a Bob Marley track. All Rock The Bike Soul Cycles offer powerful bass, amazing ease of use, durability, and great styling!

Fossil Fool and Lisa cruising on the Choprical Fish, a custom Soul Cycle.

We cut our teeth making Soul Cycles for San Francisco’s Critical Mass rides, and we’ve innovated some of the most powerful features in today’s exciting world of bicycle audio: handlebar mounted controls, backlit speakers, and streamlined looks. If you want to build the ultimate party bike, install your Soul Cycle system on an Xtracycle SUB. Then you’ll be able to carry a friend, bring the beer, chips, salsa, and the tunes!

Soul Cycle Slim in commuter mode.
A fully custom Soul Cycle with the Xtracycle FreeRadical, complete with Mahogany backrest, brushed stainless steel control deck, and Brooks triple-sprung saddle.

We offer a range of Soul Cycle systems to match your needs and your budget. From the ready to roll Soul Cycle Head Unit, to our affordable DIY kits and wiring harnesses, to our one-of-a-kind, fully customm handmade cosmic Soul Cycle cruisers, YEOW!

Until you’ve experienced a Soul Cycle social ride, you won’t understand the power of seamlessly combining bikes and music. Picture a group of friends (old and new) cruising to the sounds of Marvin Gaye, his lyrics of peace and love coming through rich and clear, while your friends sing along, “Brother, brother…” The scenes of the city flowing by, people giving you a thumbs up or a shout of support, spreading joy, pied piper style, as your group increases in size with more bikers.

Some people wonder “Why would you want to listen to music on a bicycle?” Read why a bicycle is actually the perfect place to listen to music.

Above: The Soul Cycle Mothership fiberglass cabinet.

We run each Soul Cycle design through a rigorous series of tests: the BART cop smile test, the bass-sets-off-car-alarms test, the screaming, dancing teenagers test, etc. Oh, and we test the wiring and battery packs of each one too. A lot of soul goes into our Soul Cycles. We know these bikes will help you spread your love for bikes and music in your community. Contact us to find out which design is right for you. Please call us toll free at 888-354-BIKE.

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