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Rock The Bike

Thanks Sunday Streets! Highlights from the Pedal Powered Stage.

Many thanks to Rupa & The April Fishes, Cradle Duende, Izzy Wise, and Cello Joe for their performances. Also thanks to Tara Quinn who did an impromptu ground contortion routine shown above.

The crowd peaked at about 200-250. Rupa raved about the sound from our Pedal Powered Stage, saying “Our set at Sunday Streets sounded amazing, surprising power on his pedaled system.” Justin Ancheta, bandleader of Cradle Duende also thought we’d reached a new level of sound quality: “I think last year [after Sunday Streets in the Mission] I said it was the best I’ve heard, and this year topped it. The sound was great in front due to having Maya manage the board, monitors were working great.”

Above: Rupa Performs as two pedalers keep El Arbol powered up, along with 3 pedalers on stage right using Mundo 500s.

Crew Photo!

After Sunday Streets we hung out with a few new friends and did some social bike repair.


I love your Fender Blender bike blenders. Do you make one for kids?

7-year-old on an Fender Blender Pro

Yes. Rock the Bike offers 2 Fender Blender options for kids.

We offer a Fender Blender Universale with a smaller rear rack and a Stationary Stand to reach 20″ wheels for kids approximately 4 – 8 years old.

6-year-olds and up can also blend with the Fender Blender Pro, pictured above. The FB Pro can fit a wide range of riders; click here to see. If you want to have adults and kids bike blending at the same function this is the best option.

Feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs.

What makes an ideal bike for blending?

We encourage you to look for the following features in a new or used bike for use with your Fender Blender Universale:

  • Wide rider size range (long seatpost, low top-tube or step-through / ‘ladies’ style frame)
  • If it has 20″ wheels (smaller kids bikes & many folding bikes) buy our 20″ FBU
  • If it has 24″, 26″ or 700c wheels (teen and adult bikes) buy our 26″/700c FBU
  • The ideal tire has smooth sides, thick rubber on the sides/edge where the roller contacts, is 26mm (1inch) or wider and is rated to 50psi or higher.  Inexpensive Hybrid or City tires are a good choice – normally wide, with thick rubber and fairly smooth. Avoid knobby tires, especially those with knobs along the edge of the tire where the roller touches. Knobby tires cause extra noise and vibrations when blending. Avoid old and cracking tires as they can be stiff, giving less traction on the roller.
  • Bright color, sweet looking frame
  • Has gears. Some cruisers and city bikes have only a single speed. This can make it more difficult to get satisfying results from your Fender Blender. The more gears you have, the easier it will be for all your blender riders to find a gear to comfortably crank out smoothies.
  • Does NOT have rear suspension. Rear suspension will likely interfere with the mounting system of the FBU’s rear rack. Front suspension (shock) won’t cause problems, but won’t offer any benefits either.
  • Bike frame has mounting points for a rear rack. This is common on most city bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes, but not as common on racing bikes. Look for threaded holes in the frame—2 near the center of the rear wheel and 2 near the rear brakes. If you don’t have these on your frame, you can use P-clamps (see photo below), available from your local hardware or bicycle shop.
  • Does NOT have built-in rear rack


From the FB Universale user manual:


View the video directions to mount a bike in our stationary stand:


We now carry 20″ stationary stands for little people bike blending, too:

Pedal Powered Recharge Bar

FBP USB Station perspective 72dpi

Rock The Bike produced a Pedal Powered Knowledge Station in San Francisco’s beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens for VM World, a major software conference. A Knowledge Station is a combination of a Recharge Bar and a DJ Rig. It’s more than just a place to recharge phones; it’s downright groovy! It’s a place to relax, pedal, get your heart going, meet others, and send great music out to a larger space. Over the course of the four days, conference attendees pedaled nearly 5 KiloWatt Hours (kWh) of energy as measured dynamically by the sign in the photo.


Conferences are all about the sharing of knowledge and connections between people. Lately, both of those things involve mobile technology. People share knowledge and connect to each other with the devices they hold in their hands, and those devices require power. At the Pedal Powered Knowledge Station, each bike has its own USB ports and AC power outlets capable of charging up to 8 phones. Read More

Rock The Bike at your school

Nobody rocks Pedal Power like Rock The Bike.

We love getting involved with high schools and universities in the Bay Area. Working directly with kids is such an awesome way to make an impact on our future.

Here are some examples of ways we can make an impact in a school:

– Bringing a Pedal Power demonstration to a school, such as a bike blender, the ice cream bike, or pedal powered spin art. This can happen on its own or in conjunction with a schoolwide event such as Earth Day.
– Pedal powering a school assembly on Pedal Power Science.
– Pedal Powering a school dance, or hosting a performance of Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper.

Above: Students K-12 attend a Pedal Power Assembly with Rock the Bike and Shake Your Peace!

When we get to a school, we try to connect with students as soon as we roll up (often on our cargo bikes.) Our funky bikes and impressive load-hauling skills are a great way to break the ice with students. We try to get kids involved, even if it’s just holding a door open. As we move our bikes through the hallways to the auditorium or classroom where we’re working, we answer questions about bikes and play a couple good songs (at moderate levels). This is our chance to get out of our workshop and meet some young people in the community, so we enjoy the challenge of breaking through to individual students, even those we pass in the hallway.

Above: Students at UCLA Pedal Powered the sound system for Ecochella.


A Rock The Bike Pedal Powered assembly or workshop can include a science lesson on the fundamentals of Pedal Power:

  • Body position and efficient pedaling
  • DC – AC power conversion
  • Efficient devices (large speakers versus small)
  • Increased power consumption of bass heavy music versus public speaking
  • Wiring and design of Pedal Powered Stage systems
  • Power Consumption: Compact Fluorescent vs. Incandescent light bulbs (the Light Bike)

Here are some of the schools we’ve worked with.

  • Urban School (school dance)
  • ISA academy (guest speaker, song writing class)
  • Lincoln High School, through the ESLI program (create Pedal Powered Assembly, Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper)
  • 5 Keys Charter School (Guest speaker, Environmental education class)
  • Mission High (Pedal Powered their Green Prom through the ESLI program)
  • International High School of San Francisco (Pedal Powered Global Warming assembly)
  • Berkeley High School (Fender Blender demonstration and physics session)
  • CCA (Fender Blender demo and Pedal Power talk)
  • University of Oregon (Willamette Valley Music Festival)
  • Richmond College Prep 
  • Black Pine Circle School (Pedal Power Assembly with bike blending and sorbet)
  • UCLA’s Ecochella (Pedal Powered Concert)

Above: Students from The Urban School at a winter dance pedal powered by Rock The Bike.

pedal powering a prom for Mission High School
Above: Mission High School student pedal powering their Green Prom.

Above: Students take turns Pedal Powering an assembly at Head-Royce School.

Above: Two high school students power loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

Above: Free Food, a student band, performs at UCLA’s Ecochella

Also, please note that a few of our products are perfect for schools, most notably the Fender Blender Universale.

To begin planning Rock the Bike at your school, please answer these questions and email us your responses. Also, check out more Pedal Powered Activities that you can rent for your event.

What branding or customization options do you offer?

Above: Custom Color (Pink), Wheel Branding, and Frame Branding. Graphic Design by Brittany at Rock the Bike.

Custom brand your Fender Blender Pro!

We can produce custom logos with our printing partners and install them to our customers’ specification on the Fender Blender Pro. We also offer custom color options to match your bike frame to your brand or logo.

Above: Wheel Branding, Frame Branding, and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($750/each)

We provide a full service offering for wheel cover and frame branding, in which we handle the printing and application of the stickers and charge time and materials. For this offering the process usually goes as follows:

  1. Client supplies Pantone codes, a completed Wheel Branding template and hi-res digital graphics / vector files for custom color, wheel branding, or frame branding, respectively.
  2. We consult with the client and suggest options and create a rendering that shows the branding placement on the Fender Blender Pro that the client can approve. If Rock the Bike is doing your wheel branding / frame branding graphic design this includes 1 round of revisions.
  3. Upon client approval, we organize the printing and apply the decals during assembly in our workshop and ship the branded Fender Blender Pro to the client. The lead time for a branded bike blender is 7 – 10 days from payment in full and receiving print-ready artwork.

Wheel Branding

Wheel branding covers the stock rainbow “PolkaFruit” cover in a full vinyl wrap. The fee for rendering proofs, printing graphics, and installation is $350 for the first 2, and $250 for each additional after that. Rock the Bike can do your graphic layout/design, which includes 1 revision and 2 rendering proofs, for an additional $300. Black wheel covers are an additional $150.

Making or submitting your own artwork?  Please go here for templates and print-ready guidelines.

Above: Wheel Branding, Custom Color and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($1,000/each)

Above: Wheel Branding and Custom Color ($700)

Above: Wheel Branding and Frame Branding ($450/ea)

Above: Wheel Branding and High Performance Upgrade ($600)

Above: Wheel Branding, Frame Branding and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($750)

Above: Wheel Branding, Frame Branding and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($750)

Above: Frame Branding and Wheel Branding ($450)

Frame Branding

Put your company name or logo on both sides of your Fender Blender Pro frame! Graphics are fit to the dimensions of the arcing top tube, measuring 13″ x 2″. We charge $100/bike to print and install a set of single color logo frame graphics–we recommend white or black to make it pop. To assist with graphic layout and rendering proofs, add $200.

Client must provide a .eps or vector file that fits no more than a 13″ width or 2″ height.  Please avoid small details on frame branding, as these are hard to print, cut, and install.

Above: Frame Branding and Wheel Branding ($450)

Above: Close up of Frame Branding ($100)

Above: Frame Branding, Wheel Branding, Custom Color and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($1,100)

Above: Frame Branding, Wheel Branding, and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($750)

Above: Frame Branding, Wheel Branding, and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($750)

Above: Custom Color, Frame Branding in Black,  and Wheel Branding ($800)

Above: Frame Branding, Wheel Branding and High Performance Upgrade (Blendtec) ($700)

Custom Frame Color

As seen above in our rental and event fleet, we can offer offer almost every color under the rainbow for your bike frame!

Provide your desired Pantone # and we will find the closest powder coat match. Powder coat doesn’t offer every color of Pantone, but it’s more durable and environmentally-friendly than paint. We charge $350 for the first bike and $250 for each additional bike of the same color.

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($1,000)

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($1,000)

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, and High Performance Upgrade ($950)

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, and Frame Branding ($800)

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, Frame Branding and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($1,100)

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, Frame Branding, and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($1,100)

Above: Custom Color and Wheel Branding ($700)

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, and Frame Branding ($800)

Unconventional Branding Ideas

Want to make your bike blender really pop? Call us at 1-888-354-2453 so you can begin discussing your custom branding ideas. See some past examples below:

Above: Cabot Creamery’s Cow Bike with black vinyl Holstein spots.

Above: Custom painted and adorned ‘ape hanger’ handlebars add a nice golden touch to the gold custom color.

Above: Full Wheel Wrap, Flaming Saddle Upgrade, and modified handlebars. ($810)

Spin Art

Match your Spin Art attachment to your Fender Blender Pro’s unique branding. The recycled-plastic Spin Art drum makes a nice branding surface that perfectly complements wheel branding on the Fender Blender Pro. Branding on the Spin Art drum is $110 for the layout, printing and branding. If you’re placing an order for multiple bikes, each additional drum is $80.

Making your own Spin Art drum artwork? Please go here for templates and print-ready examples.

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, Frame Branding, Custom Spin Art Drum, and High Performance Upgrade – Vitamix ($1,210)

Above: Wheel Branding, Custom Spin Art Drum, and High Performance Upgrade ($710)

Above: Wheel Branding, Frame Branding, Custom Spin Art Drum, and High Performance Upgrade ($810

Above: Wheel Branding, Frame Branding, and Custom Spin Art Drum ($560)

Ice Cream Bike

Customize your Ice Cream Bike with your brand and logo. The frame is identical to the Fender Blender Pro, so feel free to choose from custom color, wheel branding, and frame branding for your Ice Cream Bike.

Above: Wheel Branding ($350)

To get the customization process going, please call us at 1-888-354-2453 or email us your high resolution graphics and ideas or sketches of what you would like.

Pedal Power Spin Class

Do you ever walk past the big glass windows of your local gym and ask yourself, “What if?” What if those people on their cardio machines could be doing something useful with their power?

The moment is now for Pedal Power spin classes. Although some big challenges will keep the trend from sweeping the nation’s gyms — mostly the costs of replacing traditional spin bikes with power generating ones — the excitement for spin classes that create energy is giving way to real results.

Rock The Bike aren’t the only ones working on this project, but we’re the most dynamic. We combine beautiful lighting displays, great sounding DJ rigs, and an intuitive Pedal Power system that responds to the instructor of the class. Pedaling actually feels harder when the instructor calls for an interval, and easier during a rest. The classes are as theatrical as they are physically challenging. Participants really feel they’ve accomplished something together, and they have. The amount of power generated by a participant in a Spin Class may be twice what we expect from a pedaler at one of our concerts, over nearly 80 Watts a piece of continuous usable output power.


There’s a critical difference between a regular spin bike and the kind that Rock The Bike uses. Spin bikes generate heat by squeezing the wheel with what are essential large, smooth brake pads. Participants make it feel harder or easier by adjusting a knob on their handlebars. In a Pedal Power Spin Class, you can use any of our bicycle generators to allow participants to crank out usable DC power from the bikes. What makes it feel harder or easier is varying the amount of output load that is connected to the system. This can be as simple as flipping a switch and adding more wattage to the load at key moments. You can either turn on additional lighting or dump increasing amounts of power back into the grid to vary the load. The latter is the way to allow pedalers to directly offset the energy consumption of the gym. As soon as you flip on that additional load, the Pedalometer will drop. Pedalers have to work harder to keep it in the green. Simple as that.

The work in LA this January was the second iteration of our Pedal Power Spin Class. The first was was a 2-bike system done in collaboration with Pure Austin Fitness in Austin, TX. The two generators kept the sound system pumping a live mix by DJ Manny. The second was the 30-bike system shown above, handling power peaks of over 3500 Watts.


Live On Bike: Bicycle Mobile Performance

Loud, clear, and bicycle-mobile.

Mobile Sound comes naturally for Rock The Bike — we’ve been hosting musically-enhanced bike rides since 2002. Each year we improve our gear and take on new ways of bringing music to the streets.

Above: The Ginger Ninjas perform ‘Live On Bike‘ on Rock The Bike’s Mobile Stage at the 2011 San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival

Above: Rock The Bike’s Live On Bike Stage hoists Opera singers Bill O’Neil and Brooke Munoz during the Bicycle Music Festival‘s move from Golden Gate Park to the Mission District.

Here are some of the key features of our mobile sound set up:

  • We use Shure wireless stage monitors to transmit a music signal to multiple receivers. This avoids having one loud source that can hurt the ears of marchers / riders. Multiple sound sources can distribute the message through the crowd
  • We carry our large, efficient loudspeakers on our cargo bikes. Our Mundo cargo bikes are stable at low speeds
  • We create amazing Soul Cycles — art bikes with integrated music systems. Examples: El Arbol,  the Blue Whale, and the Choprical Fish

Above: Justin Ancheta performs Live On Bike.

Our fees for the Mobile Sound service range in price depending on the travel involved, size of the crowd, nature of the event, etc.

Got a special event you’re celebrating? You can decorate the mobile stage with your logo, brand, or other symbolic imagery.

To request our help with your event, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check our schedule and get your event in our calendar. It’s best that you have these questions answered before you contact us.

Watch a LiveOnBike performance by the Fossil Fool to get an idea of how we rock and roll:


Inquire About This Service

Fender Blender Pro

Green Fender Blender Pro Standard / Oster

Click here to view the Fender Blender Pro FEATURES info graphic

Fender Blender Pro bike blenders make great smoothies!

The Fender Blender Pro was built from the ground up as the ultimate expression of human power. Designed for day-in, day-out use, the Fender Blender can hold its own at schools, festivals, trade shows, fundraisers, and events of all types. The Fender Blender Pro brings together fun, fitness, health, nourishment, and sustainability.

Designed and built with love in the Bay Area. Good for thousands of smoothies with minimal hassle and maximum fun.

View the Fender Blender Pro Photo Gallery


The Fender Blender Pro fits a wide range of riders.

Blends in front: makes bike blending more fun and social. Ensures the best results.

Very friendly to adults and kids (down to approximately 7-year-old kids). Widely adjustable seat height and handle bars offer comfortable and easy grip position. As it is lowered the seat gets closer to the handle bars.

Many good surfaces and options for your branding on the wheel cover and frame. Please read more about wheel and frame branding options.

Efficient blending mechanism so there is less chance of human effort being wasted.

Available in Green, Orange, Blue or in your custom color. Please read more about custom frame colors.

Comes with fully illustrated instructions for setup and use, view and download them here.

Assembled dimensions: 56″ long, 39″ tall, 31″ wide; shipping carton dimensions: 38″ x 34x” 11″.

Weight: 55 pounds assembled, 60 pounds boxed.


Orange FBP Blendtech 72dpi
*UPGRADE OPTION* Commercial grade High Performance blender
2x the volume and 2x bigger blades, giving better circulation of ingredients for faster, more consistent and gratifying blending. This 6 minute video shows in depth the benefits of the High Performance Upgrade:

Buying the High Performance Upgrade at time of Fender Blender purchase will save you money! The upgrade fee is $250/$300 at time of order for a Blendtec/Vitamix pitcher, or $395/$445 if you purchase the upgrade later.

If you want to power sound, lighting, or other electrical activities with your Fender Blender Pro, we recommend the Electric Fender Blender Pro. You can always upgrade your Fender Blender Pro to an Electric Fender Blender Pro by purchasing a Generator Wheel.

Fender Blender Universale

Crank out smoothies at your party, school, or cafe with pedal power!
Fender Blender Universale with Oster pitcher


The FBU is the most affordable way to bring the magic of human power to your school, organization, event, camp, or home. Almost any bike will work. Pop it on a stationary stand, and start blending!

The advantage of the Fender Blender Universale (FBU) is its simplicity. After a secure installation of the included universal rear rack, you can take this bike blender on and off your bike in under a minute without tools. This means you won’t have to take a bike out of commission just because you want to use it for bike blending. You can use your favorite bike for everyday transport and then blend when you want to.


The FBU fits the mountain bike or city bike you already have. Dust off that old bike and bring it back into service by bike-powering treats for your guest, students, and fans. Click here to view the ideal bike for bike blending.

FBU Rear Rack 72dpi for old website



The basic Fender Blender Universale set up includes a universal rear rack that will attach to nearly all:

>> Mountain bikes (26″-29″ wheel size)
>> Hybrid/Road bikes (27″/700c wheel size)
>> Young adult bikes (24″ wheels)
>> Children’s bikes (20″ wheels)

The included rear rack features vertical adjustability which allows for the range of compatible wheel sizes. This solves problem of your rack sitting at an angle because you happen to have a small or large bike frame. A sturdy rear rack like the one included with your FBU is a great help for other human powered feats, like buying blendables at your farmers market. Now you can carry more stuff around town and take all that stress off your back.

Above: Bike blending apples for Hot Apple Cider on the FBU Stationary Stand with High Performance Upgrade (Vitamix).

We also offer a 20″ Fender Blender Universale with a smaller rear rack and a Stationary Stand to reach 20″ wheels for kids approximately 4-8 years old.



Included in the box are fully illustrated instructions to get you setup and blending ASAP, or view and download the manual here.


Two stainless steel hooks hold the blender base in place and secure the blender to the rack. Unique clamping design allows for a range of blender positions that accommodate tire widths of up to 2.25 inches. Machined plastic parts are dishwasher safe, virtually unbreakable and made of 85% recycled material.

Hand-drawn instructions show you how to get the best results. Call us for helpful customer service if you’re confused.


The Fender Blender Universale comes with a rear rack, blender base, and one pitcher–either the standard Oster-compatible pitcher, or a High Performance pitcher with upgrade.

If you’d like to blend in place, you will also need a stand to elevate the rear wheel. We now sell the Fender Blender Universale Stationary Kit, as well as the Fender Blender Universale Stationary Kit with High Performance Upgrade so you can buy it all in one click!

View the video directions to mount a bike in our stationary stand:

Commercial grade High Performance pitcher
2x the volume and 2x bigger blades, giving better circulation of ingredients for faster, more consistent and gratifying blending. This 6 minute video shows in depth the benefits of the High Performance Upgrade:

Click here to buy the Fender Blender Universale with High Performance Upgrade



Fender Blender Universale with Spin Art Attachment

Every Fender Blender Universale has our new custom Pedal Power Bearing (PPB), with a groove for side chain activities like Pedal Powered Spin Art. You can start making a splash at events with Bike Blending, then later expand your offering with Spin Art. Or consider the Fender Blender Universale and Spin Art Kit, which includes a stationary stand.

Fender Blender Xtracycle

Fender Blender bike blender

The original Fender Blender bike blender. You can toss this in one of your Xtracycle bags, roll to an event, set up your rig, and start cranking out smoothies or Margaritas. Inventor Nate Byerley (a.k.a. the Juice Pedaler) created this product so that he could make money and smiles at summertime music festivals in California.

Together with his friends and employees, the Juice Pedaler cranked out over 10000 smoothies. You too can start a bike blended business, or just a local phenomenon.

Fender Blender bike blender in Tokyo
Photo: Tadashi Fukui

The Xtraycle and the FBX are a great combination. During the week you commute and do the shopping. On Sunday, you roll to the park and crank out smoothies at the Barbecue. You can set up your bike for blending without tools. A special kickstand called the Kickback Stand allows you to pedal in place, and helps when loading blending supplies.

The FBX is compatible with all models of Xtracycle Cargo bikes.


Machined plastic parts are dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable. Square drive shaft is heat hardened and plated for maximum life. All hardware is stainless steel and will never rust.


Curved grooves in bottom platter allows blender mechanism to swivel into or out of the way of the tire. The only adjustment tool you need is a flat screwdriver or better yet, any small coin will work! Allows the FBU to be used with tire widths from 1.25″ to over 2.5″


No electronics necessary! Just use the inherent gearing advantages of a bicycle to spin your Fender Blender at over 12,000 RPM. System is designed to protect your bicycle from damage while maximizing efficient energy transfer between rider and blender.


Will work with additional accessories, ideal for mobile blending and blending with children, as well the High Performance Upgrade or Pedal Powered Spin Art. Prop your bike up on your Kickback Stand and you have a human power generation station wherever you ride!


Easily disassemble your Fender Blender with standard bicycle tools to clean components after a day of blending. Most parts are designed to last a lifetime, and when your bearing needs replacing, it’s easily accomplished by a bicycle repair shop.

*UPGRADE OPTION* Commercial grade High Performance blender 2x the volume and 2x bigger blades, giving better circulation of ingredients for faster, more consistent and gratifying blending. This 6 minute video shows in depth the benefits of the High Performance Upgrade:

V3 Mundo Cargo Bike

Get that ‘useful’ feeling.

The Mundo is a long-wheelbase bike with a stout welded cargo rack. Its one-piece frame fits a wide variety of riders, from approximately 5′ to over 6′. The slack seat angle and upright bars put you in a relaxed, upright position in traffic.

The steel chassis and Side Loader racks offer a unique loading experience. Pass a steel-buckled cam strap through the four strap guides, or anywhere else through the frame, and you access the core strength. Carrying rigid shapes like amps, speakers, crates, boxes, is extremely surefooted. No appreciable frame flex even for 100-200 pound loads. (The Mundo is rated to 450lbs). Use the threaded customization points to mount your custom project.

All v3 Mundos come with a one-size-fits-many frame, Shimano drivetrain, sealed bearing wheelset, wide side kickstand, legendary stiff ride quality. Adjustable stem. Fenders. Recycle plastic top deck. Most customers will also want to pick up one or two GoGetter bags, and some cam straps.

Assembly involves installing the Side Loader cargo rack, the top deck, the front wheel and the pedals, straightening handlebars, and giving the bike a full tune up. Rock the Bike can also assist you in assembling your cargo bike.
Boris giving the kids a ride around the block.

The long wheelbase and predictable handling make the Mundo an ideal bike for towing a trailer. Above: getting gear home from a Rock The Bike event on the Biker Bar.

The Mundo’s designers have spec’ed quality wheels, including a 48-spoke sealed-bearing rear wheel with oversized axle. When you start carrying passengers and heavy loads on a long-wheelbase bicycle, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the value of a strong rear wheel. The Mundo comes with oversized semi-slick city tires, providing a stable, smooth ride.

See what a Mundo can do! View the Mundo Cargo Bike Photo Gallery

We encourage our customers to shop around and investigate their options for utility bicycles. The Mundo stands out by offering exceptional value, simplicity, and amazing ride quality.

Status: in stock
Rentable: no
Price: $1,099

Rupa to headline as we Pedal power awesome local music acts at Sunday Streets in the Mission this Sunday!

Posted by fossilfool
05/08/2011 – 12:00 – 16:00

Rupa & The April Fishes will headline the Pedal Powered Stage at Sunday Streets

This Sunday we’ll be Pedal Powering hours of live local music at San Francisco’s groundbreaking cyclovia program, Sunday Streets. Headliners Rupa and the April Fishes are an internationally touring band that calls San Francisco home. Be there as we Pedal Power this amazing quintet, as well as up and coming local ‘Klezmenco’ hoppers “Cradle Duende” (listen at ) , the digitally enhanced Cumbia sounds of Bernal Heights’ Izzy Wise, and the hilarious singalongs of the world’s only beatboxing cellist, Cello Joe. After we’ve done all that, we’ll reconfigure our gear for a LiveOnBike performance by Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper!

Our latest Pedal Powered Stage uses artful ‘Soul Cycle’ music bikes including the imaginative El Arbol and the stout Blue Whale. These custom fiberglass rigs are built on our exclusive Modified JBL PRX loudspeakers, so they sound great and make the most of every watt of available Pedal Power. You can see them in action in the video from Earth Day at USF below.

Location: 24th and Florida St. Many thanks to the Sunday Streets crew for this awesome spot in the heart of the Mission District.


12PM — Izzy Wise

1PM — Rupa

2PM — Cradle Duende

2:45PM — Cello Joe

3:30PM — Fossil Fool, LiveOnBike!

Sunday Streets is a revolutionary way to experience San Francisco car free. It’s one of the first american ‘Cyclovia’ events, in which large swaths of a city are closed off to cars and people can experience a human scale community, if only for a day. Rock The Bike has been participating in Sunday Streets since 2009.