Rock The Bike


This SF bay Area-based quartet of three men and a lady create music that dances from genre to genre as if there’s no such thing. Their influences include Talking Heads, Primus and Grace Slick, and their sound has been called “Afro-Colombian Progress Rock.” Peppered with fits of improvisation, bouts of silliness and crowd-rousing AfroColombian percussion pieces performed off stage, an Antioquia set is everything but predictable. That said, each show can be depended upon to bring the audience closer to the stage and closer together.

Maddy from Antioquia pops in.
Maddy from Antioquia pops in.

Antioquia dreams of touring the country with a pedal-powered sound system and a veggie oil tour bus “hub,” rocking festivals & street shows, giving free music lessons to kids, and getting kids young and old stoked on pedal power. In the meantime, they can be found cramped up in style in their beloved and decrepit band van “Bessie,” bringin the dance party to here there and everywhere.

Aside from making music and riding bicycles with their helmets on, Antioquia enjoys eating healthfully, flossing daily and getting plenty of rest. Rock n roll.

Antioquia’s debut album Gringolandia (2008) is available for purchase at and on iTunes.


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