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A bangin’ Bike To Work Day

This morning on Bike To Work Day I was racing to drop off a Bike Blender to UCSF for their Health Fair. In classic fashion I’d double-booked the drop off with a really important meeting, the ISCOTT commission meeting where Bicycle Music Festival was to present our Nighttime street closure plan. I didn’t check the bike routes and ended up climbing this WALL of a hill. Switchbacking too tight I flipped the blender and pushed it up the second half. Happy Bike To Work Day!

Drop complete, ready to sprint to ISCOTT. Only problem is I have no lock, and they’re NOT going to let me bring it in.  I called Carolina for backup and she headed to meet me with her lock.

Text from Gabe: “We’re on in like 5 minutes, dude!” Crap! I really don’t want to miss it. We’ve been working on our plan for months to do a Night Venue in the Mission. This is the climactic meeting.

I get to the ISCOTT building before Carolina. I ask a work man cleaning the street to please look after my bike. He says no problem and tells me to put away my wallet. Nice.

I sign in race for the elevator. Susan King from Sunday Streets is there to work out the street closures for the second half of the Sunday Streets season. I ask her to speak for BMF if we haven’t missed our item.

I’m in the room, see Gabe in the back, set down my bag, and we’re called! Gabe and I are introducing ourselves up at the table, making eye contact with the department heads of Fire, Police, MUNI, Health, Parks & Rec, and DPW. Gabe places the map on the overhead projector, someone hands me the laser pointer, and I’m pointing out the various barriers and locations in our proposed Street Closure. Susan King speaks up : “We’ve worked with [Rock The Bike and Bicycle Music Festival] on many events. They’ve come a long way since their rogue days.”

ISCOTT members motion to approve. We’ve got the permit! I make a hasty retreat for the elevator, get to the street and get to my bike just as Carolina rolls up.

Bicycle Music Festival June 22 this year. Be there!