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13 Rock The Bike crewmembers pedal power two huge events in two days.

It was a big weekend.

We hit the road Saturday to Pedal Power the rally at Justin Herman Plaza.

Lauren from Greenpeace on the mic.

The Biker Bar’s swingarms were recently gusseted (the triangles). They’re much stiffer and the bar is functioning well these days, though our electric bikes have the edge in efficiency.

After the rally, we got an afterparty going.

photos: Steve Rhodes

Adam and Tara clowning around after the gig.

We packed up and cruised the Embarcadero. Above, Leif following a tight path through the crowd.

The Mundo 1000 was short a battery all weekend. so we developed ways to get it around the city.

Sunday morning in the park with Scott McDowell of Hyde Street Studios, Rock The Bike’s most experienced sound guy.

Soul Medic getting the Pedal Powered Stage jumping at West Fest.

Kai and Pam powering Oona. Kai went big, powering the show for about 50 minutes.