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Testing out the Biker Bar as a LiveOnBike rig after Bicycle Music Festival Roadie Picnic

Testing out the Biker Bar as a LiveOnBike rig after Bicycle Music Festival Roadie Picnic. Today we had our first ever Bicycle Music Festival Roadie Picnic, a minor miracle a week before BMF. We successfully tested the Biker Bar in its new role as 3-person direct generator. We eliminated the link between the Bar and the Electric Mundo, when in generation mode. A lot of and engineering went into that idea, in the search of perfect, use-every-part-of-the-buffalo approach (having the Mundo’s powerful rear wheel serve as the generator for all for bikes.) But the chain link caused problems at all three of the Biker Bar’s first outings. So we eliminated it, adding a 15 pound permanent magnet generator to the end of the bar instead of driving the Mundo’s rear wheel. In doing so, after cranking down bolts and filing down a few rough edges, we cut 90% of the noise. The Biker Bar is now relatively quiet.

We also had an informative and constructive conversation with a neighbor who was concerned about the noise. We immediately cut the noise on our sound check, but told him we wouldn’t be able to cut the volume next weekend, because our goal is to rock Dolores Park with awesome bands and the best Pedal Powered Stage in the landia. He seemed to have a twinkle in his eye by the end of the talk.

After proving that the Biker Bar is ready for action as a generator, we tested its new role as LiveOnBike rig. Above, Gabe and Heather get their balance.

Then on my way home from droping off a friend, I was playing bluegrass on Valencia, at the very end of a beautiful Sunday evening — warming trend sticking around til BMF, I hope. A plaid-shirt, tight-jeans wearing guy rode up next to me just to say he was really looking forward to BMF. Yeah! Festival time!