Which Rock the Bike Pedal Power Bikes are available to rent for our event?

You can green your event by renting our Pedal Power gear, reducing your carbon footprint and inspiring people at your event. Pedal Power gives your event attendees a unique experience that they will never forget. Check out all our great Pedal Powered activities for rent, and let’s start talking about your upcoming event.

boy blends smoothie with bicycle

Equipment Overview

Product Daily Fee Crew Size Set Up Additional Supplies Needed How Many Can Experience Hourly Space Needed Transportation Options
Fender Blender Pro
with crew
TBD 1 – 4 < 1 hour Ingredients & Cups 60 6 oz. samples 10′ x 6′ Delivery*
Fender Blender Pro
without crew
$250 2 – 3 < 1 hour Ingredients & Cups 60 6 oz. samples 10′ x 6′ Pick Up/Shipping
Ice Cream Bike $600 2 1-2 hours Ice Cream Custard (made day before) Ice & Rock Salt
100 4 oz. samples 10′ x 6′ Delivery*
Spin Art
with crew
$800 2 < 1 hour Drying Location
Stamp/Paper with your brand/logo
50 – 100 participants
great spectator activity
6′ x 8′ Delivery*
Spin Art
without crew
$350 2 < 1 hour Drying Location
Suggestion: Stamp/Paper with your brand/logo
50 – 100 participants
great spectator activity
6′ x 8′ Pick Up/Shipping

* For local events with crew delivery is included. IF NOT IN THE BAY AREA, THERE MAY BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Fender Blender Pro

women in dress clothes generate power by pedaling bikes at a conference
No one is responsible for bringing as many Bike Blended Smoothies into the world as Rock The Bike. We invented the Fender Blender, the only bike blender on the market. We have successfully produced all-day smoothie booths at festivals such as Whole Earth Festival and Harmony, and we regularly blend at our Pedal Powered Stage music events to keep the pedalers happy and cool during peak moments.

man pours smoothie that was pedal powered

“We would like to thank Rock The Bike for allowing us to rent out smoothie bikes for this year’s FunFest at the SF Giants’ AT&T Park! We managed to serve over 2,200 smoothies and received more thanks and smiles than we could have ever asked for. This was a first for LIFT and you helped us pull it off! Thanks again for working with us in such short notice and for helping us make this past weekend a success!”     –Sincerely, The LIFT Team

A Bike Blender makes a huge impact at your event. The sound of ice crushing is a great head turner, and research shows that pedal power makes smoothies taste better.

Our event clients most commonly rent the Fender Blender Pro and man their own blender stations. Rock The Bike can also help you with a fully staffed smoothie station.

Rental cost $250 / day without Rock the Bike crew. We recommend a couple practice rounds before the day of your event.

We estimate the cost of ingredients to be $1 per 12 oz. smoothie.

Client is responsible for pickup and dropoff, which can occur the day before and the day after your event. The Fender Blender Pro is available for pickup in our Berkeley shop. It comes with a commercial-grade blender pitcher, the Vita-Mix. Extra pitchers can be rented for $20 per event day.

The Fender Blender Pro can be shipped and rented in other cities. It was designed with a detachable frame feature that allows us to ship it at reasonable rates while being easy to setup. For out of town rentals, we package and ship the Fender Blenders to you, so they arrive the day before your event, then you ship them back the day after your event.  The rental rate is $250 per event day + cost of shipping both ways (usually $150 – $250 per bike in the continental US) and a packaging fee of $85. If our rental schedule permits it, we often work with clients to waive the transit days and only charge for the days of use.

If you want a Rock The Bike crewmember to be there coaching this activity at your event, the crew fee is $550 / day, plus $320 / day for each additional crewmember. Our crew will make sure the smoothies are tasty, the bike is set up properly, and that many event participants get a chance to take part. The cost of crew does not include the rental fee or cost of ingredients. For more smoothies, we recommend renting extra pitchers ($20 each), too.

Fender Blender Bike Blenders are also available for purchase from Rock the Bike, starting at $249.

Ice Cream Bike

woman pedals a bike that stirs ice cream
Bike Powered Ice Cream Maker. We’ve seen the power of the Fender Blender, and we’ve kicked it up a notch. Serve up ice cream at your event, and allow guests to make their own flavors.

1.5 gallon capacity in 15 minutes, that’s 4.5 gallons of ice cream an hour! Ages as low as 12 can bike, all ages can enjoy.

$600 / day. Only available to rent, includes a 2 person Rock the Bike crew in Bay Area. Approved partners can rent the Ice Cream Bike without crewmembers for $400 / day.  Also available to rent through Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn, New York.

Ingredients for custard, mix-ins, ice, and rock salt not included. Costs approximately $1 / person, but depends on serving size and if you use organic ingredients. Custard must be prepared and chilled prior to the event. Also compatible with Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet recipes! Pair with a Fender Blender Pro and make milkshakes at your event.

school kids pedal power ice cream

Pedal Powered Spin Art

Great for smaller kids, who will be able to power the experience for each other. Spin Art is interactive, colorful, creative, peaceful, and inspiring.
kids bicycle power spin art
With just a few pedal strokes, you can get the platter of your Pedal Powered Spin Art station spinning at 5000-10000 RPM, enough to produce dazzling spirals, circles, and streaks as you squirt paint on the paper.

Kids flock to the station, staring in awe as the colors spin and splatter across the paper. Older kids or parents can pedal for youngsters. Children as young as seven can enjoy this activity. Let them bring home artwork and memories from your event!

$800 / day for paint, paper, and Rock the Bike crew. Crew it yourself for $350 / day, and we’ll still provide you with the tempera paint and the paper. You can also use your own 8.5″ x 11″ paper with the company letterhead, or a stamp with your logo on it! Hosting a long event? We can provide you with extra paint for an additional paint. Please inquire about fees, as they are quantity-based.

Client is responsible for pickup and dropoff, which can occur the day before and the day after your event. We can arrange for pick up in our Berkeley shop or in San Francisco.

Pedal Powered Stage

bicycle music festival pedal powered stage in mission district san francisco

If you truly want to showcase human power in its most social form, getting your event participants to power up a band, street performer, speaker, or DJ is probably the most powerful example there is. Bringing the Pedal Powered Stage to your event is a more significant effort, requiring a larger crew. We have full audio packages for Pedal Powered Stages.

Price: TBD

There are some questions we’d like you to answer before you call us.

Once you nail your answers down, Call us at 1-800-354-BIKE (toll-free) or Email us to get your event on our calendar!

Pedal Powered Lighting

Let us bring our years of experience with pedal powered lighting to craft something special for your event.

pedal powered led lighting

gaia festival pedal powered stage

Bicycle Music Festival potrero hill san francisco

band plays on a bike powered stage

Below: Youngsters at Hamlin Elementary School see their work become energy with the sLEDgehammer.

children pedal power lights at school presentation

Below: We made this power gauge, the sLEDgehammer, in conjunction with Oakland Shines. For sLEDgehammer appearances in Oakland, CA, please contact Oakland Shines.
pedal power gauge with Oakland Shines
Below: A custom sLEDgehammer courtyard installation.

bicycle powered game

See more examples of interactive Pedal Powered Lighting Rigs.

Pedal Powered Knowledge Portal

Recharge Dome at Virgin Festival in Baltimore by you.

One person can easily generate the power to charge 5, 10, or even 15 cell phones at at time using our cell phone recharge station.  Seen above in use at the 2008 Virgin Mobile Festival as a “Recharge Bar.”

Rock The Bike’s recharge bar is either based on a Fender Blender Pro frame or a Mundo 500. Both have a wide size range to fit men, women, and most kids.
Pedal Power at Dreamforce
Above: The Pedal Power zone at Dreamforce allows convention attendees to calculate their wattage output while charging electronic devices.

Don’t limit your possibilities to cell phones. Power a laptop and speaker and let the pedaler choose videos and web content to share with a small group. Great for conventions, meetings, and all-day events where people need power for mobile devices.

Pedal Power Ipad

Call our toll-free number today at 1-888-354-2453 to talk about how we can power a Knowledge Portal at your event.

Price TBD on your needs.

Renting with Rock the Bike

The first step to renting equipment from us is calling (1-888-354-BIKE) or emailing us to see if we can accommodate your event. Then we will send you an estimate or invoice and the Rock the Bike Rental Agreement. Once you have read and completed it, fax -or- email it back to us.

To complete the reservation, we need:

  1. A copy of a credit card and state issued ID
  2. A credit card that we can authorize for the full value of the rental equipment
  3. To receive payment for the rental