I love your Fender Blender bike blenders. Do you make one for kids?

7-year-old on an Fender Blender Pro

Yes. Rock the Bike offers 2 Fender Blender options for kids.

We offer a Fender Blender Universale with an extra long roller and a Stationary Stand to reach 20″ wheels for kids approximately 6-10 years old. The FBU will include P-Clamps for your rack to attach to your 20″ wheel properly. Click here to read tech tips on how to install an FBU to a children’s bicycle.

7-year-olds and up can also blend with the Fender Blender Pro, pictured above. The FB Pro can fit a wide range of riders; click here to see. If you want to have adults and kids bike blending this is the best option.

Feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs.