What do you offer for customizing the frame color and printing our design on the wheel and frame of the Fender Blender Pro?

Above: Full Wheel Wrap, Flaming Saddle Upgrade, and modified handlebars. ($810)

Custom branding on Fender Blender Pro We can produce custom logos with our printing partners and install them to our customers’ specification on the Fender Blender Pro.

Above: Customized Full Wheel Wrap, Custom Color, Frame Branding, and Vitamix Upgrade ($1,050)

We provide a full service offering for wheel cover and frame branding, in which we handle the printing and application of the stickers and charge time and materials. For this offering the process usually goes as follows:

  1. Client supplies the hi-res digital graphics files and/or verbiage and input on where on the frame or wheel cover they would like branding and the sizing.
  2. We consult with the client and suggest options and create a rendering that shows the branding placement on the Fender Blender Pro that the client can approve. This includes 1 round of revisions.
  3. Upon client approval, we organize the printing and apply the decals during assembly in our workshop and ship the branded Fender Blender Pro to the client

Wheel Branding

Wheel branding covers the stock rainbow “PolkaFruit” cover in a full vinyl wrap. The fee for rendering proofs, printing graphics, and installation is $350 (quantity discounts are available). Rock the Bike can do your graphic layout/design, which includes 1 revision and 2 rendering proofs, for an additional $300. Black wheel covers are an additional $150. Making your own branded wheel art? Please go here for more info on making your own artwork.
Above: Wheel Branding, Custom Color and Vitamix Upgrade ($900/each)

Above: Wheel Branding and Custom Color ($700)

Above: Wheel Branding and Frame Branding ($450/ea)

Above: Wheel Branding and Vitamix Upgrade ($600/ea)

Frame Branding

Put your company name or logo on both sides of your Fender Blender Pro frame! Graphics are fit to the dimensions of the arcing top tube, measuring 15″ x 2″. We charge $100 to print and install a set of single color logo frame graphics. To assist with graphic layout and rendering proofs, add $200. $100 for each additional bike.

Above: Frame Branding and Wheel Branding ($450)

Above: Frame Branding, Wheel Branding, Custom Color and Vitamix Upgrade ($1050)

Above: Frame Branding and Wheel Branding ($450)

Custom Frame Color

Choose your desired pantone color and we will find a close powdercoat match. Powdercoat doesn’t offer every color under the sun, but it’s more durable and environmentally-friendly than paint. We charge $350 for the first bike and $250 for each additional bike of the same color.

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, and Vitamix Upgrade ($950)

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, and Vitamix Upgrade ($950)

Spin Art

Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, Frame Branding, Custom Spin Art Drum, and Vitamix Upgrade ($1,160)

Match your Spin Art attachment to your Fender Blender Pro’s unique branding. The recycled-plastic Spin Art drum makes a nice branding surface that perfectly complements wheel branding on the Fender Blender Pro. Branding on the Spin Art drum is $110 for the layout, printing and branding. If you’re placing an order for multiple bikes, each additional drum is $80. Making your own branded Spin Art drum? Please go here for more info on making your own artwork.

Ice Cream Bike

Customize your Ice Cream Bike with your brand and logo. The frame is identical to the Fender Blender Pro, so feel free to choose from custom color, wheel branding, and frame branding for your Ice Cream Bike
Above: Wheel Branding ($350)
To get the customization process going, please call us at 1-888-354-2453 or email us your high resolution graphics and ideas or sketches of what you would like.