Rock The Bike: BLOG helping me get through the night

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Yo what’s up bike people, people of the bike!?

I just wanted to say that SomaFMis helping me get through the night. I highly suggest you check it out. They’ve got 12 different flavors of electronic music, all available in 128bit Mp3 streams. So if you’re stuck in front of a computer tonight, put that on and you’ll be happy.

I’ve been working all day on the new Rock The Bike web site. I’m so psyched. Drupal has come a long way in the last year since I’ve been learning it. Or maybe it’s that my knowledge and comfort level have improved also. But everything is clicking tonight, my bike brothers and sistas.

Rock the bike is going to feature a network of cool cruisers in dozens, no hundreds of towns and cities across the country and stretching out to Holland and Japan too. You can see a bit of that future in the current site. Check out the upcoming Southbay Cruisers community ride, for example. It’s been led by my man John Silva of Redondo Beach. Right in the heart of car culture USA, John is going to lead a cruiser ride with his new Soul Cycle. He says the reaction locally has been great so far and he’s got the support of a few different bike shops.

Well some new improvements we’re uploading soon, the whole process of organizing cruiser rides will be a lot easy and fun. You’ll be able to put together an email list using the ‘organic groups’ section of our site. And you feel like putting a ride together, just click a button and your people will get the message. The BAM 12 people show up at the cafe ready to cruise. How cool is that? It’s all about the impromptu. How can you really plan a cruiser ride if you don’t know you’ll have cruising weather? I’ve struggled with that a lot at the San Francisco Cruiser Ride.

Fossil Fool

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Introducing my fleet/my wish list

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Ahhh, those days when you can just let your imagination go. Today, I’m in the mood to dream about some bike stuff. For those of you that know me, I don’t have one bike!! I have one FLEET of bikes. Too many to store in one place. So, I started out with my original Schwinn Predator BMX from my childhood, bought a Diamondback Beach Cruiser Islander 7 speed, a Schwinn Grey Ghost single speed coaster Stingray (for sale!!), a Grey Ghost 5 speed stingray, Specialized Sequoia elite model road touring bike, Marin Muirwoods citybike with Xtracycle Freeradical (the soon to be Soul Cycle), and a Kulana 7 speed green beach cruiser (stationed in Honolulu Hawaii). The fleet is 7 strong! Its a funny feeling when your friends come over to visit, just hang out and someone gets the idea of taking a cruise around town to get some dinner or drinks, they rush the garage, grab every bike off the wall or cieling hook, your ride down the street, look around and EVERY BIKE AROUND YOU IS YOURS!! I will post pics up soon!!

My wish list. Well 2007 is full of new projects endeavors and bike life.

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Paul Cumpian Rocks The Bike

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Paul Cumpian rolling an Xtracycle at the 'Buy Nothing Day' Critical Mass ride.

Paul is a Dunun playing Xtracycle rider from the Bay Area who has been a presence on Critical Mass rides for as long as I can remember. He’s also supported Worldbike’s work in Kenya by raising funds from his music community. He was recently captured by the San Francisco Chronicle doing what he does best — shaking it up, baby!

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Schwinn Grey Ghost for sale

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2004 Schwinn Grey Ghost for sale.

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Squirrel Riding Companion

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Riding Squirrel by Max Chen

Riding Squirrel by Max Chen

Had a chance to go riding with San Francisco Bike Culture artist Max Chen last week. He created this magical riding squirrel to keep him company on his city jaunts. Check out Max’s other bike artwork .

See the video .

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Thanks SF Veloswap!

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Thumbs up from the next generation for Rock The Bike!Thumbs up from the next generation for Rock The Bike!Thanks Everyone for a great Veloswap and an auspicious Rock The Bike debut! Nate, Katie, Jojo, Erica, Mike, Thao, and I had great time meeting so many of you. Thanks for all the positive energy. Hopefully you got one of our holiday gift guides. If not, I’ll post it soon on this page. You can always call us at 888-354-BIKE for helpful answers to your questions.

Rock the Bike!

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Why I love Critical Mass

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d by fossilfool

The Posse. Fox faces. IMG_0706

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Aloha Single Speeders kick A.S.S

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Aloha Single Speeders kick A.S.S.: I hope that google can find Rock the Bike and connect us with the Aloha Single Speeders of Honolulu.  I saw this SWEET Bianchi Fixie @ Ala Moana Shopping Center next to the Crocs booth.  I started talking to the rider of this dope fixie and he told me about his crew the Aloha Single Speeders, a seemingly die hard group of Fixie Riders that roll 4000 miles away from the streets of San Francisco!  Anyway we talked about riding in Hawaii and his crew usually leads the protests and marches they have in Honolulu.  So I shot this pic for my buddy Elemence (a hard core Fixie Fan) and all you Fixie Riders out there.  Keep on rolling from HI to NYC and everywhere in between!  ALOHA SINGLE SPEEDERS- ROCK THE BIKE!!

I hope that google can find Rock the Bike and connect us with the Aloha Single Speeders of Honolulu.

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Honolulu Cruising

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Greetings from the cruising streets of Honolulu, Hawaii!! I got into town and went directly to the bike shop to pick up a bike. I chose to purchase a bike instead of renting because my friend that lives on the island doesn’t own his own bike so i ended up giving it to him after I return to the mainland. After checking out a Eki Cyclery, and “the Bike Shop” on Bretania Ave I ended up at the dreaded Wal-Mart to get the Kulani Envy Green 7 speed 26″ cruiser. Suprisingly a nice bike! The hills in town were not very steep so climbing was pretty easy. Ala Moana beach park has plenty of beach side paths crossing over a creek and a VERY nice park to see plenty of people BBQing, playing Ukulele, jogging, walking and just hanging out. Just a beautiful Tropical Hawaiian Day! The night rides were even more fun. Traffic was slow as we cruised down Kalkaua Avenue enjoying the tradewinds and the warm night air. IF or WHEN you get out to Hawaii, DEFINITELY rent a bike and cruise around town. YOU WILL ENJOY IT!!

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Public Space

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What’s your definition of public space? When does public space end?

Do you want this?

Street signs.

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