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We eat our own dog food

Aug 17, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

One evening I dropped off a DLG to a customer on 18th St. in San Francisco. As he opened his door and walked down his steps towards my glowing bike, he said “You guys really eat your own dog food.”

We are a bicycle based business. We do not have a company car. We use public transportation and bike to work. We ship our products on our Xtracycle SUB’s.

Being a bike based business has been a conscious choice. We’ve had chances to buy and use cars that were very affordable. And we do borrow vehicles occasionally for distant or especially awkward tasks, perhaps 4-5 times per year.

The main benefit of being a bike-based business is that we get to be out there in the bike community. It helps us connect with future customers and employees. And it feels good to carry your DLG orders to the FEDEX depot on our bikes.

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Dozens of beautiful Bicycle Music Festival photos

Aug 13, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

A big thanks to all who pedaled and performed at the bicycle Music Festival.

More photos at Flickr :

If you took photos at the BMF, make sure to tag them on Flickr with “bicyclemusicfestival” so that they’ll appear in this search.

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Sanjay got on the Choprical Fish and started singing soulfully along with the JB’s.

Aug 12, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

Late in the evening, after Gabe and I had officially closed the Bicycle Music Festival, Sanjay got on the Choprical Fish and began singing very soulfully along with the music. I passed him the mic and he shredded the place!

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Come out August 11th to Alemany farm 11am

Aug 10, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

I’ll be there playing to start things off for the bicycle music festival.

Justin Ancheta (I really want to get one of those cool portable music bikes) – anyone that can help out… I’d appreciate!

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San Francisco’s Bicycle Music Festival to use Rock the Bike’s pioneering Human Powered P/A system

Aug 1, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

Posted by fossilfool
08/11/2007 – 10:30

The Bicycle Music Festival is distinct from every other summer festival in that its success rides completely on the sweat and leg-power of the community. With its trademark human-powered P/A system and Critical Mass-style bicycle party caravans between festival venues, the Bicycle Music Festival is the only festival where every song is truly an audience participation song!

The Bicycle Music Festival isn’t only the greenest music festival ever conceived, with zero use of cars and trucks to transport musicians and PA equipment, it also breaks exciting new ground in festival dynamics.

At the Bicycle Music Festival, the audience rides their bicycles to the next venue alongside both the stage-crew and the bands. With everyone arriving together the stage-crew works quickly to setup the human powered P/A equipment. As the bands get ready, enthusiastic festival-goers line up to pedal the P/A system, offering to pedal for a song or more. To help folks know how hard to pedal, simple displays of voltage and power sit on the handlebars. If a band is delivering an uninspired performance, a pedaling festival-goer can simply decide to stop pedal-powering the music, and if no one is feeling the music enough to replace them, the volume level will drop until the band is singing a cappella. With the power of audience veto built in to the festival, it quite literally puts all the power in the hands (and feet) of the audience: democracy at its healthiest you might say.

With this in mind the festival line-up includes the best bands and musicians from the bicycle-music culture, artists who are sure to keep festival-goers not only pedaling the P/A, but bouncing in their saddles.

With the nimblest festival infrastructure ever to roll, the bands slated to perform at the Bicycle Music Festival will play in one of several different spots selected throughout the city. After each performance, the audience, bands, and crew will all pick up, pack up, and roll out to the next location. The Caravan to the next stop on the festival schedule will be an outrageous mobile party, with “soul-cycles” (bicycles with mobile audio systems) rocking the block as it cruises by – promoting the next stop on the festival schedule to the public in mid-roll.

The Bicycle Music Festival and its pedal-powered PA system are not only wonderful ways for the community to quite literally empower itself, but also a wonderful way to remind ourselves as we generate electricity with one another, shoulder to shoulder, where power is ultimately rooted.


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I wonder how it feels facing backwards

Jul 30, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

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“The Southbay Cruiser Crazy Olympics” Ride

Jul 27, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

Posted by Wild Johnny
08/17/2007 – 20:15

The Southbay Cruiser Crazy Olympics Ride:

We are a group of recreational riders and bike commuters in Southbay Los Angeles. We’re not a pub crawl, or a gang-just a group of cruisers riding through the southbay. We host themed night rides on the third friday of each month. See our website at for details.

WHAT: Our 9 – 10 mile ride will take us through the streets and neighborhoods of Redondo and Hermosa Beach,CA. We will have at least one bicycle with a Soul Cycle bicycle stereo system to provide some groovin’ tunes along our route. Our “Crazy Olympic” theme will have us take part in some unconventional olympic games along our ride. Should be fun! Come check it out!

WHERE: We will meet in front of

The Lighthouse Cafe
30 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach,CA 90254

The Lighthouse Cafe is located on Hermosa Pier Plaza right next to Hermosa Beach Pier.

WHEN: August 17th, 2007 Meet at 8:15PM/Ride at 8:30PM-RAIN OR SHINE

QUESTIONS? Send us an email at or log onto our webpage


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The Juvinals, a punk band from Reno, uses Conference Bike as performance rig

Jul 25, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

Slovenly Pete has modified his Conference Bike (seen below in full neon regalia on the Playa) with a drumset and 10 channel mixer. The video screams for itself.

Slovenly Pete and his glowing conference bike

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Ice(Blue)Down Low Glow in Midnight Ridazz video?

Jul 17, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

Noticed a couple videos on of what appears to be a recumbent rider with an Ice Down Low Glow at a recent ride. It’s about 1 minute in. Check ‘ out!

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Flow Toys festival rig

Jul 12, 2007Posted by in Blog | Comments Off

Sean's festival rig

Sean and his wife run — they make light toys for Poi dancing and staff spinning. They recently came out with a new product called the FlowLight, a cool fish-shaped toy with about a dozen different light modes that look especially cool while spinning or moving. The LED’s flicker in ways that cause a ‘persistence of vision effect‘.

Sean was heading to the Oregon Country Fair, a multi-day festival, to sell his wares. He tricked out his Xtracycle with bins to showcase his staffs and store his inventory. There are shimmering reflective holographic stickers on the main triangle of the frame. He also purchased some custom “ghost” colored Down Low Glow (a light purplish white).

Sean came up with a custom kickstand for his rig too.

It should be noted that Xtracycle frames have a cantilevered rear section. So supporting it from the rear is not appropriate for some applications, like bike blending, when there will be a rider on the bike.


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