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Biking Rules PSA competition, deadline Sept 28

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I stumbled across this NYC-based competition to promote bike culture! $4,000/new Kona top prizes. RTB DLG or other video could work perfectly…

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What is a Biking Rules PSA?

A Biking Rules PSA, or public service announcement, is a media message, moving or still, that will help promote bicycling and improve the public image of cyclists.

What kind of media qualifies as a PSA?

Still Images: including photography, poster art, graphic design, illustrations…

Videos: including narratives, documentaries, animations, and any other moving image. Entrants can submit both Do-It-Yourself Videos made with cell phones or consumer grade cameras or High-Definition Videos made with professional HD or HDV Cameras (see our Discount rental offer with DCTV!)
All Images and Videos must fit into one of two categories

1. Biking Rules Street Code
2. Why Biking Rules

How do you submit images or videos?

Online from this site! All images and videos must be submitted by September 28th to be considered for the prizes and the Biking Rules PSA Festival.

Who can submit?

ANYONE! The Biking Rules PSA Competition is open to media makers worldwide. Winning Submissions will be selected by a jury and screened at the Biking Rules Film Festival in New York City in November 2009.

Why submit?

You will be in the running for great prizes, including up to $4,000 and a new Kona bike. Submission is FREE and all entrants will receive a Cycling Commuter kit!*

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Pedal Powered Stage at Sunday Streets this Weekend

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Posted by fossilfool
09/06/2009 - 12:00 - 15:00

Attention people of San Francisco, it is time to get out and celebrate your city by joining us at the final Sunday Streets of the season!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway as we host the grand finale musical performance. Rock the Bike is proud to present our signature Pedal Powered Stage featuring;

Three acts comin’ at you this Sunday, starting at noon on the Pedal Powered Stage:

Where’s My Toothbrush, part of Young Performers International (young rockers playing Hendrix covers, talented kids)

Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper

The Homeless People (gypsy style music, talented street performers, accordian and fiddle.)

Bring tips for performers!

Young Performers International’s “Where’s My Toothbrush”, up at noon.


Location is different from last time:

We’ll be at the lovely grassy triangle at the intersection of JFK, MLK, and South Dr. inside Golden Gate park in the South-West corner. It’s near but not at the beach (See the MAP!)

Test ride station. Come ride a cargo bike / family bike.

Sunday Streets afterparty. Stick around with us after the event ends for more live music, till approx. 3PM. Then we head either to the beach for a sunset bonfire, or back to the Mission for relaxation.


Come join us in Golden Gate Park and prepare to rock out to our amazing performers and enjoy a bike blended smoothie as well. To find out more details about the event OR to RSVP please visit the following link –

See you all Sunday!


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Highlights from Vancouver Bicycle Music Festival online

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Heather from Stitchcraft performs LiveOnBike at the Vancouver Bicycle Music Festival. Photo: Momentum

See all the highlight photos on the Momentum blog.

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Climbing up El Arbol for the first ride

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Rode El Arbol down the block with a pvc pipe instead of pedals. by you.

My dad’s been suggesting that I test ride El Arbol as soon as possible before sinking the hours into custom fiberglass work on the trunk, roots and branches. Not a bad idea.   OK, so it didn’t have brakes or pedals, but at least now the frame has at lease now been heat treated.

The ride was great. Tall bike people know that a tall object can actually be easier to balance. The classic example: try balancing a ruler in your palm, then try a yard stick. As you can see in the photo below, El Arbol is about a foot taller than Jay’s tall bike, part of his BayView Space Agency fleet. This makes it easier to balance at slow speeds.

El Arbol scale comparison to Bayview Space Agency patrol bike. by you.

On my first coast, I mounted using the hood of a pickup truck and had Ydran and Adam give a running push in the slightly downhill direction on Channing. The ride is solid. No noticeable frame flex, and that’s before the added stiffness of the fiberglass trunk and branch. The balance was easy, even at slow speeds. I only one little adrenaline jolt on the whole test ride, when I took a roundabout and experienced rapid decellaration. By the end I was doing my own running starts and dismounts in both the uphill and downhill directions. It was Adam’s idea to jam some pipe in the captain’s bottom bracket. That was hope stepped up and down onto the frame, as you can see above.

I had been a bit concerned that the small wheels that originally came with the A2B would make the ride twitchy or sluggish, but it was neither. The traction was great, ans slow speed manuevers felt smooth.

I knew that Jay was leaving for his honeymoon yesterday, and that Tuesday would be our last work session. We welded in the cable management for the root-deployment system. I’ll post more photos soon.

Roots of El Arbol serving their role in stabilizing the rig for welding. by you.

On Wednesday I borrowed a truck to get the frame over to Garner Heat Treating in Oakand. The guys were totally pro and enthusiastic about the project.

El Arbol frame ready to go in the oven at Garner Heat Treating, Oakland. by you.

Apparently there are two ways to restore strength to an aluminum frame after it’s been welded. The more involved one heats the frame to within 30 degrees of liquid, which leaves the frame soft and succeptible to bending under its own weight. Typically at this point bike builders put the frame back in a jig to check alignment. Because El Arbol is a giant frame and a one off, there’s no jig. So we chose the other method, which brings up the frame only to about 300-400 degrees. This method stress relieves the welds but not to the full ‘T6′ strength of the aluminum. With the average wall thickness of El Arbol’s frame being much greater than that of say a Cannondale, I’m not too worried about the strength being compromised.

After bringing the frame back to Rock The Bike, I waited till about 6 last night before ditching the computer and throwing parts back on it. We tied the roots against the frame, since the deployment system isn’t ready yet, and I through an Envy Green Down Low Glow on the bottom tube. Lots of props from the neighborhood, a good omen!

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Tornado Rider performs “I’m a Falcon” at Sunday Streets

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One of our favorite local bands, Tornado Rider, performed their hit “I’m a Falcon” on the Pedal Powered Stage we hosted at the August 6th edition of Sunday Streets.

As lead singer Rushad Eggleston sings and plays his wireless electric cello, 5 pedalers supply the pedal power on the Biker Bar and two electric Mundos, while checking the status of the pedal power system with our 6′ pedalometer.

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Pedal Power intern Jeff’s final report

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Interning at Rock The Bike’s Berkeley, CA workshop has been an exciting and challenging learning experience. RTB is a fast growing sustainable company with a diverse product line to manage so there is no such thing as a dull day with repetitive tasks. I worked closely with their team of engineers to refine their existing product line. I had a hand in the prototyping/testing, CAD revisions, and assembly of the Mundo cargo bikes. I worked with their fabricator Gian Bongiorno building Fender Blender Pros. As the human-powered intern, I worked extensively troubleshooting and building The Biker Bar.

I had a blast running pedal-powered performances on the weekend at The Makers Faire, Bicycle Music Festival, and the San Francisco Marathon to name a few. I loved brainstorming with RTB engineers on how to make a design better, then stepping into the workshop and physically building my design. On the technical end, I helped spec generators and gearboxes, learned electrical principles, analyzed forces placed on a design, and used CAD. On the physical end, I performed metalworking, woodworking, electrical work, bicycle maintenance, and operated sound equipment. Working with the RTB team was a very worthwhile and personable experience. If you’re looking for a jam-packed insight into bike culture I would highly recommend applying for an internship with RTB!

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Bicycle Music Festivals coming up in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver

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If you’re a bike person in the Northwest who’s been following our entries about the San Francisco and Chico Bicycle Music Festivals, it’s now time to ride to your own.

August 15 – Eugene, OR

August 16 – Portland, OR

August 22 – Seattle Bicycle Music Festival

August 29 – Vancouver, BC

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Thanks Sunday Streets fans and crew!

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Rock The Bike pumping up the Mission District for Sunday Streets. by you.
Morning ride: Crew pumping up the District for Sunday Streets.

Sunday Streets (near the beach), August 9, 2009 by Steve Rhodes.

Set up our Pedal Powered Stage on the Great Highway, with dancing on the beach. Photo: Steve Rhodes

Represent.  by you.

First we loaded the Biker Bar with hundreds of pounds of audio gear.

Custom V1 Mundo trailer hitch flexed a bit under this extreme load. by you.

The custom V1 Mundo trailer hitch flexed a bit under this extreme load, but basically it was a very controllable ride.

Adam entertains. by you.

Adam entertained in Golden Gate Park on the way to the beach.

Fossil Fool & Rock the Bike perform at Sunday Streets, August 9, 2009 by Steve Rhodes.

We set up a 5-bike Pedal Powered Stage on the Great Highway — two electric Mundos and the Biker Bar.


Cousin Ken pitching in on the Biker Bar. by you.

Cousin Ken pitching in on the Biker Bar, with Arie along for the ride.

Fossil Fool & Rock the Bike perform at Sunday Streets, August 9, 2009 by Steve Rhodes.

Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper, with guests Mafiosa Felice, Terry, and Jared May.

Sunday Streets (near the beach), August 9, 2009 by Steve Rhodes.

The scene from a nearby dune. Photo: Steve Rhodes

Police car going by as Sunday Streets ended by Steve Rhodes.

Cops threatened to shut down Tornado Rider.

So we moved.

IMG_0725 by Steve Rhodes.

IMG_0724 by Steve Rhodes.

And they shredded the venue.

Tornado Rider - Rock the Bike at Sunday Streets, August 9, 2009 by Steve Rhodes.

IMG_0738 by Steve Rhodes.

Hoop Jam with Movement Maker Mei.

All photo montages: Steve Rhodes

This is the 36V 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery that helps us get up and over the hill from the Mission to the beach.   by you.

This is the 36V 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery that helps us get up and over the hill from the Mission to the beach.

Ready for gear return mission. by you.

Rolling the 'Long Things' bundle. by you.

Rolling the ‘Long Things’ bundle.

Fully loaded Biker Bar, probably 275 pounds of gear, including bass drum, two JBL PRX535's, and the Fossil Fool tent. by you.

Fully loaded Biker Bar, probably 275 pounds of gear, including bass drum, two JBL PRX535′s, and the Fossil Fool tent.

We made $52 in tips. This is what we did with the money. by you.

We made $52 in tips. Thanks to all the fans who pitched in for Tornado Rider and the Rock The Bike crew. This is what we did with the money.

Down Low Glow (front) and MonkeyLight ambient glow comparison. by you.

Late night gear return mission.

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Don’t get offended if your cocktail’s bike blended.

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Thanks to Raul and Warren for their theatrics at this year’s Earth Hour celebration in San Francisco.

On to technical details. Note how Raul fills the pitcher about 1/3 to halfway with ice, then adds the alcohol and juices to just over the top of the ice.

Then Warren pedals for about 30 seconds to wild applause from the crowd.

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Callin out for Pedal Powered Stage crew: Aug. 6th at Nightlife

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Posted by sustainablejeff
08/06/2009 - 16:30 - 23:00

*August 6th*, 4:30-11PM. California Academy of Sciences *Nightlife Series*

Nightlife is a Thursday night thing where they turn a natural sciences
museum into a brainy club environment. The scientists and leafy green sea
dragons are still there, but now there’s dance music and expensive alcohol.


So each thursday they have a theme and this time Rock The Bike is the theme.
We’ll be pedal powering a 4-hour DJ set by Jeff Stallings of the show Below
Zero on Energy 92.7. Below Zero is a pretty good show. Here’s his music: , click music and listen to any of the
“chillhouse” mixes in the player on the upper right.


We’ll also be coming up with our own cocktail to make on the Fender Blender,
next to one of the expensive bars. This is our first professional bar
tending gig!


And at the beginning of the event while a huge line is forming outside, I’ll
be street performing at the entrance line with Mafi and Jared. We may also
have entertainers perform in Africa Hall (where my penguins at?).

We need a crew of 3-4 people to ride to the gig. Please meet at 935 York St.
at 4PM. So far we have Jared and Adam Pastana, and possibly Adam Aufdencamp.
One more roadie would help.

The Event ends at 10. We tear down and go on a late night gear return
mission while bumping a new mix  <>from
DJ Bento. Back at my place by 11ish.


In addition to roadies, we can use the following: pedal power tech, blending
specialists, pedal power coaches, video/photo wing, promo wing, etc. I think
we can have up to 10 people on our crew list that night.


This is a low-paying event. Roadies will make $75. The rest of the crew will
be unpaid, but the museum will provide all of us a crew dinner at 6:30 and
also drinks.


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