Large Pedal Powered Stage

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Large Pedal Powered Stage
10 Bikes / 2 Subs / 2 Mains / 3 Monitors / 1000W AC

Be at the forefront of the Pedal Power movement. Make history. The large Pedal Powered Stage includes enough loudspeakers, generators, circuitry, and interconnects for you to entertain a 1000-person audience, or larger.  ‘No compromise’ sound for performers, thanks to ample monitors and AC power. The experience of playing on a Large Pedal Powered Stage is about the same as playing on a conventionally powered stage. To the audience it also feels and sounds like a medium-sized festival stage from a major festival.

Crowd Size: 300-1000
Setup Time: 2-4 hours
Crew size: 6
Getting it there: The entire sound system can fit on 4-6 cargo bikes. Use of cargo trailers will help reduce the number of roadies needed! Also, terrain will affect how much each roadie can haul.
Generators: We recommend 3 Mundo 500, 1 Boda Boda, 2 RTBGen, 1 Electric Fender Blender Pro, 3 generator wheel and stand.
Event space: We recommend a 10 x 20  stage. Additional space for Pedal Power generators, approx. 8×20.
Storage space: All gear will fit into a 8×10 storage space. Please see our storage recommendations for more info.
Lighting: For nighttime events, we recommend 3 stage lighting panels, plus additional decorative elements like speaker grill lighting.
AC Power rating: 1000 W, Pure Sine Wave.

Audio Gear: 2 * Modified JBL PRX 635 mains, 2 * Modified JBL PRX 612 monitors, 2 * Modified JBL PRX 618XLF Subwoofers.

Budget: $27200 +-
Options / Upgrades:
You supply: 3 bicycles for the Generator Wheels, mics, mixer, snake, audio cables, speaker stands.


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The sLEDgehammer has escaped the tube.

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The sLEDgehammer has escaped the tube.
pedal powered game

Our Pedal Powered lighting challenge, the sLEDgehammer, has escaped the tube.  We’ve both advanced the circuitry and the creativity of this piece of gear, making it even more of a crowd pleaser.

The sLEDgehammer is a Pedal Power game where you have to pedal really hard (but not for very long) to win. When you win, the power you’ve built up by pedaling gets unleashed in a dazzling light sequence. In the example above, a river appears to flow down the courtyard away from the pedaler, then the Peace & Love sign lights up. The 9-segment ‘reward’ sequence lasts only a couple seconds. When someone wins the game and sees the sequence, there’s a palpable release of energy. The celebrations are awesome to see. At the holiday party where we set this up, people were shouting “Peace & Love!”

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St. Joseph Health is Very Pleased with the Quality of the Fender Blender Pro Vitamix

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St. Joseph Health is Very Pleased with the Quality of the Fender Blender Pro Vitamix

We are just under two months of owning our new Fender Blender Pro + Vitamix, bicycle blender, and I am excited to say it is a hit!  We already knew that bicycle blenders are a great resource to promote fitness and nutrition at our outreach events, and we are very pleased at the quality of your product.

I have personally held several bike rodeos and been able to have a bicycle blender at the events, which was provided by Humboldt State University’s Campus Center for Appropriate Technology.  Unfortunately, the CCAT program only has a couple of bicycle blenders, and they are in great demand in our communities.  Now, by owning our own bicycle blender, we are confident that we will have this resource available for all of our events.

The Fender Blender Pro will be used at 4 annual bicycle rodeos, our annual health fair, and at other appropriate opportunities, such as our pre-natal parenting classes aimed at the Latino population.  We first began with a staff training, and then took our knowledge and Fender Blender Pro out to the communities we serve.  See for yourself how we have already put our Bicycle Blender Pro to use with these photos:

Brian Olson
St. Joseph Health – Humboldt County

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Tech tips for installing a FBU (Fender Blender Universale) on a 20″ Bike for little kids

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Tech tips for installing a FBU (Fender Blender Universale) on a 20″ Bike for little kids

A 20″ bike is the smallest bike you can use with our FBU bike blender. This will allow you to get the youngest kids pedaling. The small size of the frame on 20″ bikes means that there may be some customization needed to install the rack at the correct height.

Tip 1: Do not use the extension pieces.

The directions in our owner’s manual say not to use the flat brackets, shown below, which provide multiple holes for achieving the correct height on larger frames. 

Instead, use the bottom hole on the FBU’s rack as shown above.

Tip 2. Use P-Clamps to achieve the correct height.  Even if you follow Tip 1, you may not able to get the roller of the FBU to sit low enough to make good contact with the tire. Here’s a photo example:

On a good install, the surface of the rack should only be about 1-2″ from the spot on the tire where you want the roller to hit (the widest part). Note that in the photo above, the distance is about 3″ so the roller is making any contact with the widest part of the tire.

In this case, you must do the following workaround to get the rack to sit lower: Use P-Clamps to grab the strut of the rack. P-Clamps now come with every 20″ kit that we sell.

Take a look at the example of how to use them:

Here’s a closer look:

Here’s another solution:


View the video directions to mount a bike in our stationary stand:

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Basic questions to consider when crafting your Pedal Powered Stage

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Basic questions to consider when crafting your Pedal Powered Stage

The technical needs of a Pedal Powered event vary greatly depending on audience size, venue, and power needs of musician’s devices. The questions in this post will help you to know what features are most important for you, and how much power you’ll really need. Please answer these questions and email us using the contact form. Also, please check out some of our recommended packages to see systems intended for different crowd sizes:

Above: Shake Your Peace! performs during the Bay Rising Tour on their Pedal Powered Stage crafted by Rock the Bike.

  1. In  your mind’s eye, how many people are taking in the music at your ideal event? Audience size is the most important factor in knowing how many loudspeakers, generators, and circuitry to get.  Are you aiming for school assemblies? Street performing? A festival stage? 
  2. Who is pedaling to generate power at your events? Is it competitive cyclists? fit adults? the general public? teenagers? kids? How family friendly are your events? Doing events with kids means you’ll need more bikes! The reason: Kids love to pedal but can’t generate much power. Also, they need to use bikes that are sized accordingly. If you want to do these events, you need to plan ahead so kids can participate.
  3. What style of music do you want to amplify? Or do you have a specific band your are planning to work with? Are you a bandleader? If so, what is the instrumentation in your band? 
  4. Indoor vs. Outdoor? In your mind’s eye, where are your Pedal Powered events taking place? 
  5. Do you want or need to be completely off the grid? Off The Grid means that you are completely independent and not relying on power from any other source. Some people just want to demonstrate Pedal Power, but are doing so in places where there ready access to wall power. Perhaps they don’t mind using some wall power and some bike power. This can be a way to decrease the number of bikes in your system, but still offer people the chance to create power with their bodies. For example, if you want to a Bike Powered Cinema, you could power the loudspeakers with bikes and the projector with wall power. Other people want to make a statement by using NO power from the grid, or they are trying to bring a concert to a natural setting or park where there is no built-in power at all. They’ll need to be completely off the grid. What is right for you? 
  6. Related. What is your main motivation for doing Pedal Powered events in your community? Examples: Have fun, get involved in music events, raise environmental consciousness/bike excitement, encourage healthy lifestyles, publicize a commercial offering. It helps us to know why our customers interested in Pedal Power, and it may affect our gear recommendations. 
  7. Are you planning to bike it there?  Biking it there requires more crew, gear, and experience than loading a truck, but can be enormously gratifying. Check out these photos to see if this inspires you:
  8. Will you be doing nighttime events? 
  9. Do you already have a crew? Are you interested in leading a crew? Doing larger events with the general public requires a crew, including specific roles like Sound Guy, Roadie, Coach, Tech, MC and more. 


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